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I had taken my first GMAT in April this year and scored a dismal 530(Q-39,V-23).Prior to giving my first EGMAT I had subscribed the course for 2 months but I didn't get the results as expected.I attribute my score to 2 factors.
Firstly, I followed multiple sources for preparing Verbal.This can be the biggest mistake one can make.By following so many courses one will be unable to develop any concrete strategy for attacking the Verbal.This could prove extremely costly and could totally derail the preparation.Guys this where EGMAT has proved my savior.I could vouch that it is the most comprehensive course on GMAT Verbal and if used diligently along with OG it is more than enough to prepare for the Verbal Section.
Secondly, I did not follow the EGMAT process in all the 3 sections to the core during my first attempt.While in easier questions I followed the methods but for the hard ones I skipped and this proved my nemesis.My accuracy never improved inspite of all my valiant efforts.This time I made sure that no matter what happens I will follow the EGMAT process and my accuracy has drastically improved from 60% in SC to 85% and from less than 50% in CR to more than 75% in CR.I owe this to the EGMAT process.
Lastly apart from the above 2 factors I feel the EGMAT VOL course gives the best value in terms of price and the return you get.Compared to other courses which runs in thousands this course is a steal.This is extremely helpful for students like me who has already spent a lot for preparing for GMAT and are running short on budget.

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