January 02, 2019

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Course e-GMAT Verbal Online

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Despite being a natural strength of mine, I completely tanked the Verbal sections on my first two attempts on the GMAT, getting a V33 and V35. With another attempt scheduled in just 2 weeks, I decided to go for broke and purchase the e-GMAT Verbal package.

I only had two weeks to prepare and was skeptical of starting my prep from scratch. The structured approach to tackling Verbal questions advocated by e-GMAT makes it exceedingly easy to arrive at the correct answer. The systematic division of topics and topic-specific skills, along with on-demand video lessons, helps acquire those skills faster. Scholaranium, e-GMAT's question bank, is endlessly customizable and helps you hone particular skills repeatedly. On the GMAT, repetition is key to mastery, and e-GMAT has based their course around this.

I only used the service for ~15 days but my the approach helped me elevate my score to V42. I'm confident that enrolling into e-GMAT's courses from day one would have pushed my score above 760. The questions are representative of those on the actual test and the techniques advocated help save time and relieve pressure when taking the test. Great stuff; highly recommended!

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