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December 23 | 2012
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     By techyrajeev 24 17
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Some, but not all

Consultant: Poonam Tandon

Poonam has provided extensive reviews on my essays, recommendations and resume. When I compared final version with the first draft of my essay, I was really surprised to see the sheer change in the story building. I liked her approach of review and suggestions. When I finished first college essays, looking at the quality of the final versions, I extended my contract for other 3 colleges as well. I have already got interview call from one of the B schools and waiting for others, but this is all Poonam's effort that made me realized to think through about my past experiences and cultural backgrounds and to work hard to meet the deadlines of schools. Many a times, I was late in sending drafts to her for review but she was always on time to provide feedback and reminded me about the deadlines. I would strongly recommend her application services to other applicants.

Thanks Poonam for all your support in my applications!

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GMAT Course Review
     By techyrajeev 24 17

40 Points

This review is for: e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep
Location: Online
Taught by: Rajat Sadana

I can not emphasize more about this course and the instructors: Payal and Rajat are awesome! After joining this live course, my SC accuracy increased from 70% to 90%. E-gmat strategy for pre-thinking is equally good (Pre think at least one assumption before jumping on to the answer choices). CR accuracy increased from 65% to 80%. This course streamlined my process of answering SC/CR questions; I started emphasizing on the meaning of the sentence for SC and on the argument structure/pre thinking after joining the verbal live course. Verbal live course is on the tougher side and emphasizes more on the harder questions; I used to go through these questions again and again and this process bolstered my confidence and helped me in gaining 4-5 points in verbal.
All in all, I would recommend this course

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