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Hi all gmatclub members,

I want to write a short note about my e-GMAT courses and as well, my GMAT preparation. As a non-native English speaker who wants to seek an MBA in a good business school in US, I began my GMAT journey 2 years back after I got enough 2 years of working experience to meet the minimum requirement for an MBA program.
From the beginning, I did not know much about GMAT and have no idea of What it tests. I thought it is only the test of Mathematics only and would be not of my concern since I am very comfortable with Maths. After searching for more information on the Internet and talking with my friends, I knew that GMAT isn't just as simple as I thought. GMAT not only contains Quantity, but also includes Verbal. It is indeed a test of logics and critical thinking, and also a must for anyone who wants to apply for a business school. To prepare for the GMAT, I joined Gmatclub and bought OG 13, OG verbal 2 for practising. In addition, I downloaded the other resources from Gmatclub like SC, CR, RC comprehensive to practise solving GMAT questions as much as possible. As I am very confident with Quantity, I only focused on Verbal section.
I thought that I can score well in GMAT only by solving all these questions without caring much to review each question thoroughly. So I took GMAT for the first time and got a quite shocked result with a 560 score (Q 49 V19 AWA 5.5 IR 6). I was very disappointed at that time and realized that GMAt was not as simple as I thought.
I came back to GMAT club and read stories of successful students who can get a good score to learn from them. I bought e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep after attending its free-trial as I was totally convinced by the way e-GMAT deal with solving every single type of GMAT questions. As recommended by e-GMAT, I built my own study plan to begin with SC. e-GMAT teaches me to approach for SC in a very diffirent way. They shows me the importance of meaning in SC and how to solve SC in a quick manner to save time for CR and RC. I used to check for only grammar errors before without caring to meaning in SC and after learning e-GMAT SC concepts, I found out that I am wrong. I managed to finish SC course in 2 months and was able to improve my accuracy to 80% as well as reduce my answering time for each question to 45-60s. I'm really happy with it.
Then, I turned into CR - my dreadful nightmare. e-GMAT equips me the PRE-THINKING technique that helps me a lot in solving CR questions. Pre-thinking makes CR passage easier for me to understand and shapes the correct answer before I read 5 options. So, I enjoy learning CR concepts and got around 80% hit rates in the OG questions, giving me confidence. I'm now studying the RC concepts of e-GMAT, which cover all types of RC questions in GMAT. My skills I got in SC and CR help me much in RC.
I planned to finish e-GMAT course in 1 months later and believe that I can gain my desired score of 700.

Above all, I do recommend e-GMAT Live Prep because:
1. The Price is very reasonable in comparision with other similar course (about 1/10 of the price of other courses)
2. E-GMAT instructors come from India (a country well known for the pool of high score GMAT test takers). All of them score above 90% in standardised tests and they develop a good teaching method.
3. For non-native, this course is most recommended since all of e-GMAT concepts are delivered online with a comprehensive approach. The instructor's voice are clear and the quality of the lesson are quite good
4. E-gmat provides Workshops for Live prep students with detailed explanations that help students to better prepare for their real test. After the workshop, there will be a review on each section and advices that help to improve the weakness of each students.
5. E-GMAT has maintained a very good customer service. Just email the supporters and get the immediate respond from them.
6. Many students of e-GMAT have successfully finished their course and get a very high score. They improve their score in a short period of time, mostly in Verbal section - a weakness of non-native speaker.

For these reasons, I do believe that I am right at choosing e-GMAT to make my dream on MBA come true.

Just my short review on e-GMAT course and hope it helps,

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