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Review of EGMAT for prospective students


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I took EGMAT mainly to improve my SC score.
I came to EGMAT after doing Manhattan SC books.
EGMAT teaches concepts and also tells how to apply them right away which I found useful to cement my concepts. This also helped me to recall concepts faster when I encounter a similar question.
Ultimately I prepared notes from both Manhattan and EGMAT to help.
One thing which I regret is I couldn't internalize the whole process outlined by them. My advice for someone taking EGMAT and having time is to give some time to Internalize their approach in SC before jumping to OG questions, as that would help enormously. I couldn't due to my time constraints. USe scholarnium also to improve your shortcomings.
Egmat's RC and CR section didn't use much. Each person has their strength, they suggested making notes for RC, I am not sure how feasible is that while actively solving, some students might find it useful.
I couldn't as my handwriting is very bad, so I knew even if I make them, won't be useful while referring back. Also, I am a fast reader, so didn't have an issue if I have to read a passage twice. So this is my take on RC, but see what works for you.

Nothing to comment on in the CR section.
For QA, used OG and GMAT Club tests, only advice which has been stressed enough is to maintain Error Log for QA and not repeat your mistakes

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