October 03, 2014

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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Krishna Chaitanya

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I joined this course because it guaranteed a quant score up to Q50. I was scoring Q46-48 before I took this course. So thought of giving it a try to see I could better my quant score further. I must admit that, this course has been the best guidance that I could have ever got to achieve Q49 and better. I took 3 mock tests in past few days and I have scored Q48(Veritas Prep),Q50(Kaplan) and Q51(Kaplan) respectively.

e-gmat quant course focused on different approaches to solve a problem, will help one in thinking smart rather than just asking to mug up a list of formulas and strategies. After attending NP1 and NPII live sessions I understood how rusty my number properties concepts were but with their clear and detailed explanations I was able to understand the Hard DS questions easily. I will rate the course 9/10. Hope to see a lesson on DS concepts :)

Thanks Team e-GMAT for all your efforts.

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