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V36 - e-GMAT - The messiah for Sentence Correction


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Payal Tandon

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I Started the preparations in mid May 2013 and completed OG in 2 weeks. I was mighty impressed with CR as the questions were not only good but also interesting, with every question giving a beautiful insight on its own. Quant was easy and verbal was selectively good (around 80% of the time). I bought an e-GMAT verbal live prep course in the last week of May.

While I was scanning for more information about GMAT on GMATClub forums in the months of April, I came across e-GMAT. I subscribed to one of their posts and this led me to accept the invitation for one of their free sessions. Since I couldn’t join the session I was pleasantly surprised to get a recording of their session the very next day. I went through the recording at my own ease and thought of joining e-GMAT. The reason why I ultimately chose e-GMAT over other courses was their relatively lower price and their innovative promotion as being the best course for non-natives.

The content is good and neatly organized. They are truly the messiahs for SC. The sessions with Shradha and Payal are just too good. And the best part - shoot a doubt and you get responded in less than 24 hours. The ‘Meaning’ approach in SC is as good as it can get. The approach helps you save a lot of precious time and energy.

The CR and RC sections are equally good but just that they are more helpful to improve accuracy than time. However, the exam demands saving precious time and that is something that the candidate needs to improve on his/her own. Practice can be a better tool here.

The ready summary with pdf for each chapter is a great tool to revise quickly. I used to read those pdfs when I was at work and thus kept in touch with the SC concepts which I was likely to forget otherwise. I took my GMAT and scored a sweet 720 (Q51V36).

An added advantage with e-GMAT course is that you get 800score and Grockit access free of cost. 800score tests are easy but they expect higher accuracy of you. The quant is of the same level as GMAT but Verbal is easy. The Grockit tests are nearest to the real GMAT. Initially, I hated them but by the end of my preperation I had changed my opinion of them. The Quant is a notch higher than the real thing and the verbal is a notch lower but still they are as close as you can get. Though their scoring is wrong and even a few of their questions are marked wrongly - which can be frustrating at times, they are a good practice because they give you the same feel of urgency that the GMAT delivers. Their user interface is very poor and they should change it immediately. The way the test answers are displayed without any time analysis doesn’t help a candidate’s cause.

Overall, I have recommended e-GMAT to a lot of my friends who are preparing for GMAT. The stepping stone is the free strategy session, after that its e-GMAT all the way.

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