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A structured course that assures your GMAT score improvement!


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Course e-GMAT Online 360

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e-GMAT has been instrumental in my journey to 740 in my very first attempt. The course is very well structured and takes you through all the concepts necessary to score the 90th percentile in GMAT. Working diligently on the e-GMAT practice files and application files will ensure that you pick up all the required skills to ace GMAT, right at the time of learning the concepts. The cementing stages and strategic review further helps to fill any gaps left during your study. The course structure has been further aided by the use of analytics such as xPERT to give you targeted inputs to improve upon. Such targeted feedback has been extremely beneficial towards the end of my preparation to fill the gap between my score and the target score.

The Quant section of e-GMAT may be slightly on the harder side but nevertheless provides you the confidence and skills to solve even very hard questions on your actual GMAT.

e-GMAT also helped me through one on one mentorship by creating hyper-specific improvement plans, once I was test-ready. This helped me maximize my potential in the run-up to the GMAT and I'm extremely thankful to DJ for working with me on this. He gave me strategies and weekly targets that helped me immensely in the final leg of my preparation. Overall, I'm quite happy to have made the decision of choosing e-GMAT.

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