MBA Admissions: Articles of Interest in Downturn

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I'm back from vacation and noticed a few worthwhile articles and interviews that appeared recently, all reflecting in one way or another the tough economic times and responses to them.

  • MBA Job Outlook Dims The lights aren't turned off, but they are dimmed. Here are a few stats from this BW article:
    • "According to a November survey by the Graduate Management Admission Council, 59% of the employers said they would or probably would hire at least some new MBAs in 2009."
    • 25% said "will not or probably will not hire any MBAs this year." There's the ouch.
    • The same study predicts flat or lower salaries for new grads.
    • Firms are doing less on-campus recruiting and more job-board posting to recruit MBAs.
  • A Sit-Down with the Associate Dean of Columbia's EMBA program. Associate Dean of the EMBA program, Ethan Hanabury, responds to questions about pursuing an EMBA in tough economic times. A few highlights:
    • Dean Hanabury argues that now is a good time to obtain an EMBA because it will give you the skills and network needed to keep your job or advance in today's turbulence and prepare you to exploit the next economic upturn.
    • He discusses the impact of unemployment on applicants' chances and how the school assists EMBA students who lose their jobs.
    • He provides tips on convincing employers to at least provide time sponsorship for an EMBA and makes clear that CBS does not require financial sponsorship from employers.
  • Interview with Wharton’s New Dean of Admissions J.J. Cutler. Clear Admit has posted its interview  with Wharton's new Dean of Admissions J.J. Cutler. A few highlights:
    • For the remainder of this year. Dean Cutter does not plan any changes to the admissions process. Longer term he intends to continue in the Wharton admissions tradition of innovation, transparency, and outreach.
    • He emphasizes the importance of reflection and self-evaluation before starting the MBA application process.
    • In responding to today's challenges, Dean Cutter sees Wharton thinking about the MBA "much more broadly as a leadership development program regardless of the specific industry or function." This broader view of the MBA is part of a trend that tends to accelerate during recessions.
  • On an entirely different note, BusinessWeek published the last in its five-part series "Five Years to B-School." There are some great tips in "The Fifth Year."

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