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Manhattan Review GMAT Prep Course Special Discounts – $999 or Lower

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Manhattan Review GMAT Prep Course Specials for Live Online and New York City GMAT Preparation Courses

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New Job Prospects for MBA Grads

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In "New Horizons for MBAs", the Financial Times, reports that many MBA students are looking outside of traditional "MBA jobs" for work. Due to the current recession, job opportunities in financial services and investment banks are far more limited and MBAs are looking to use their...

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Investment banking and recession, R1 top Business Schools admits – GMAT Club

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Investment banking internship offers decreased by 75% this year. Read about recession's impact on IB. Ask your questions or share joy with GMAT Club Wharton, Chicago (Booth), Kellogg, Columbia admits. You can find even more top schools admits in our B-School Application forum.

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MBA Admissions: Articles of Interest in Downturn

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I'm back from vacation and noticed a few worthwhile articles and interviews that appeared recently, all reflecting in one way or another the tough economic times and responses to them. MBA Job Outlook Dims The lights aren't turned off, but they are dimmed. Here are a...

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Is recession boosting up the applications, 740 GMAT scorer’s debrief – GMAT Club forum

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So is recession really boosting up the applications to Business Schools? Find answers in our forum. Useful debrief from a 740 GMAT scorer. Read it in this thread. Regards, GMAT Club team

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