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2024-2025 Berkeley Haas: Deadlines and Essay Prompts are out!

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The University of California Berkeley's Haas School of Business has announced the essay prompts for the 2024-2025 MBA application cycle. As one of the smallest and most selective full-time MBA programs, gaining admission to Haas requires a strategic and thoughtful approach. Let's dive into what this year's application entails.

The Numbers This past year, the average GMAT for admitted Haas students was an impressive 733, with an average GPA of 3.64. The entering class had an average of 5.8 years of pre-MBA work experience, with 41% self-identifying as female and 47% holding international citizenship. These stats indicate the school is targeting candidates with very strong academics, meaningful professional accomplishments, and diverse backgrounds.

The Essays Candidates must complete three required essays for their application:

Essay 1 (300 words):

"What makes you feel alive when you are doing it, and why?" This passion-focused essay invites you to reveal what truly motivates and fulfills you on a deep level. Avoid cliches and generalities. Use vivid details and personal examples to convey your authentic drive.

Essay 2 (300 words):

"What are your short-term and long-term career goals, and how will an MBA from Haas help you achieve those goals?" With a tight 300 word limit, you'll need to succinctly but substantively lay out your well-researched short and long-term visions, skillfully bridging how Haas' curriculum, clubs, centers, and community are the ideal catalyst for your goals. Be as specific as possible.

Essay 3 (300 words): 

"Describe any experience or exposure you have in the area of diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and belonging." Like many top MBA programs, Haas seeks students who will actively champion DEI values. Don't limit yourself to race and gender -- think broadly about all diversity dimensions. Ideally, show personal examples of times you've advocated for inclusion.

The Video Essay

Haas requires applicants to complete a 1-2 minute video essay introducing themselves and explaining which of Haas' four defining leadership principles resonates most, with an example of embodying that principle. The principles are: Question the Status Quo, Confidence Without Attitude, Students Always, and Beyond Yourself.

This medium tests your ability to think critically, articulate clearly under pressure, and demonstrate self-awareness around leadership competencies. Be prepared with key talking points, but avoid over-scripting your response so you can speak naturally.

Optional Essays

Two optional essays allow you to explain any extenuating circumstances like gaps in work history or low test scores, as well as provide additional context around opportunities and achievements.

Standing Out With its small class size, Haas can be extremely selective. An outstanding application will showcase your fit with the school's culture and principles through specific examples and sincere responses. Do extensive research into the academic offerings, extracurriculars, and community. Enlist guidance from admissions consultants or experienced mentors to hone your distinctive narrative and application strategy.With thoughtful planning and execution, you can craft a compelling pitch to join Haas' diverse, principled community of innovative leaders.

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