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Columbia and Booth Executive MBA Final Deadlines: June 5 and 10 – Is There Still Room in the Class?

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You may be one of many professionals eyeing the Executive MBA (EMBA) programs of prestigious schools like Columbia and Booth, and you would really like to begin the program soon. You recognize that the final deadlines for these schools are rapidly approaching, and if you don’t apply soon, you will have to wait well over a year before you can start an EMBA program at Columbia or Booth! At the same time, you are likely wondering, “Is there still room in the class at this point in the admissions cycle?” Fortunately, this 2023-2024 admissions cycle has been moderate – not hypercompetitive like during many recent economic downturns, but not weak in the volume of applications either. This is good news for you, and representatives at both Columbia and Booth have confirmed that there is still space in their incoming EMBA cohorts. In fact, in conditions like these in the past, Booth has often had seats available even after its final EMBA deadline, so it has continued to consider candidates even after that final deadline date.

But has waiting until the final rounds adversely affected your chances of admissions success? If you apply in the next couple of weeks, you will be competing for a limited number of remaining seats. Success is still possible, but you should make sure you present a truly outstanding application so you don’t leave an impression that applying was a last-minute decision.

Best practices

Here are some best practices worth observing when applying late in an admissions cycle to a top EMBA program.


First, make sure that you speak with your recommendation writers to ensure they will present outstanding recommendations that convey your many strengths, achievements, and future potential. Usually, the top EMBA programs will accept recommendations in a few days after the final deadline. It is important that your recommendations are stellar because this can make a notable difference in admissions outcomes.


Second, take time to think through the ideal essay content you will present. You need to articulate clearly all you have to bring to the cohort and why you would be an excellent addition to a cohort that has taken shape already. Make sure that your topics are great, but also that your content is extremely well-written, refined, and devoid of typos and glaring grammatical errors. With a well-honed set of essays, you can position yourself well in the admissions process.


Third, make sure to revise your resume well. It is the first “snapshot” of your candidacy that the admissions committees will see, and you want them to be “sold” on your candidacy from the start.

Application form

Fourth, give yourself time to proofread your application form. If you present a form ridden with errors, you will make the admissions committee feel you prepared the application hastily.

We at MBA work with many Executive MBA candidates, and we have seen candidates gain admission to top programs even when applying on the very last day of a rolling admissions cycle that had been accepting applicants for the previous nine months. Success is often possible when applying late in a cycle, just make sure to give your application your very best effort so that you might get to a “yes.”

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