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13 Tips to increase your chances of getting a 700+ on the GMAT!

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13 Tips to increase your chances of getting a 700+ on the GMAT!  [#permalink]

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New post 14 Nov 2019, 00:32
Looking at the GMAT score trends over the last five years, we can see that the average GMAT score for top B-schools is on the rise!

A good GMAT score not only improves your chances of getting an admit but also increases your chances of getting a scholarship.

Based on our experience of coaching for more than 10,000 students we have seen some strategies that worked well for our GMAT high scorers

Here is a set of 13 actionable strategies & tips that will drastically increase your chances of getting a 700+ on the GMAT.

1. Understanding the GMAT exam format and pattern

It’s important to look at the GMAT as a test of logic and not a test of English and math.

GMAT tests specific skills - in specific ways and in a specific time frame

So understanding the GMAT is more like understanding your enemy. You need to understand what's being tested on the GMAT to do well on the GMAT.

2. Getting your fundamentals in place

Sometimes, you may decide to skip brushing up on your basics because there’s so much advanced stuff to learn right.

The thing is- that the basics are much more important than you may think.

Let me illustrate this point using an example.

Suppose you are weak with Inequalities, which is within the GMAT Arithmetic, but you choose to ignore it and decide to focus on your strengths instead.

On the GMAT, you get a minimum of two questions based on probability. These could be 700-level questions or 500-level ones, depending on your luck.

I say ‘luck’ because in case even one of these questions based on your weak topic is a 500-level question ...and you get it wrong, the next few questions will all be 500-level questions.

So your expertise in all other GMAT topics will make no difference!

The advanced GMAT hacks are effective when you are already at a 700 level on the GMAT and want to score higher!

So make sure you have your basics in place!

3. Use the Official Material

Now GMAT is a standardized test and you need to learn what the GMAT is testing you on and the various traps the GMAT has set.

Stick to the GMAT official material i.e the GMAT official guide for 3 main reasons:

Firstly, The practice material is of the highest possible quality as the Official Guide practice questions are created by the same folks who make the actual GMAT exam.

Secondly, the questions are taken from the previous GMAT tests, so it’ll make you aware of the kind of traps that the GMAT is testing you on.

And finally, Referring to too many study materials might seem like a good option, but it can actually be quite overwhelming and lead to more confusion. So make sure you keep these 3 things in mind during your prep.

4. Be consistent

A lot of learning on the GMAT is going to be consistent incremental learning.

During your college days, you might have crammed all the topics a night before the exam and still managed to do well. But this will not work on the GMAT!

Remember, GMAT is not a test of knowledge but rather a test of the application of the concepts that you have learned.

So being consistent and investing a solid 2-3 months in your GMAT preparation is crucial for your success on the GMAT.

5. Analyzing mistakes to improve accuracy

It’s ok to make mistakes. In fact, treat the wrong answers as your best friend.

There might be many common mistakes that you might be making. But you won't understand why you are getting the answers wrong until you analyze your wrong answers.

So take some time to understand why you made that mistake and how can you make sure that you don’t make the same mistake again in the real GMAT test.

We would recommend you to keep an error log to track and analyze your mistakes.

The error log will provide insights about the concepts you’re struggling with by keeping track of your accuracy, speed, and comfort level with each question type.

So even if you practice a finite number of questions make sure to analyze each & every question.

6. Time yourself

So on the GMAT, you have 120 seconds to solve a quant question and 108 seconds to answer the verbal question.

The GMAT test is designed in such a way that if you give infinite time to someone they will most probably be able to get to the correct answer.

The challenge is not to solve the GMAT questions correctly but the challenge is to get the right answer within the given time. That's where timing becomes an important factor on the GMAT.

7. Learn to guess intelligently

You need to remember that the GMAT is a test of elimination and not a test of selection.

You don’t need to know what the right answer looks like you just need to eliminate the wrong answers and guess the right answer intelligently.

If you fail to solve a question on the GMAT, it's ok to make a smart guess and move on rather than spending more time trying to solve the question.

8, Get your doubts clarified from experts

Today a lot of advice is available online, especially on forums like GMATclub and Beat the GMAT.

In fact, CrackVerbal also has a sub-forum on GMAT club where you can post your questions and our experts will answer them for free!

We would encourage you to use GMATclub extensively to get your doubts clarified as it’ll not only save you time but also teach you the right strategies to approach the questions, you are unfamiliar with.

9. Don't rely too much on the Internet

This is a kind of corollary to the previous point.

But there is a difference between reading up and downloading all the free resources out there versus getting advice from real GMAT experts.

As I mentioned earlier, too many resources for the same topic can actually end up causing more confusion than providing clarity.

10. Enjoy the process of GMAT preparation

People who generally prepare for the GMAT often have a full-time job. So it can get a little stressful juggling your GMAT preparation along with a full-time job.

And that’s why it is important for you to rest and not be stressed but instead enjoy preparing for the GMAT.

We can be harsh on ourselves and try to create an ideal schedule to study for 2-3 hours every day but GMAT has to be approached in a different way.

All the students I know who have scored well on the GMAT have always enjoyed preparing for the GMAT test.

11. Taking and analyzing your practice test

Practice tests are the best way to test your skill, timing and mental stamina for the actual GMAT test. Do plenty of practice tests.

The mistakes you make and the stamina you build is invaluable for the actual GMAT test.

Think of the GMAT test as preparing for a cricket match. You need as much net practice as possible to score well on the actual test. provides you with a total of 6 tests - two of which are free and 4 of them are paid tests.

You can also get additional tests from GMATclub if you signup for the CrackVerbal GMAT online course.

12. Set Realistic GMAT Expectations

Don't try to gun for an 800 on the GMAT and apply only to Harvard. Honestly, Don’t do this! Have a realistic expectation.

There are a lot of good MBA colleges out there that you will be able to apply to with a GMAT score of 700 to 720.

A lot of times having a realistic expectation about your GMAT test score can take a lot of pressure off you while answering the GMAT exam.

13. Focus on your performance

There is a published standard deviation of around 30 points on the GMAT test. This means if you have been getting a score of 680 on your mock tests then you will most probably end up getting a score between 650 to 710 on the actual GMAT test.

So a lot depends on how you perform on the actual test day. So make sure you eat right, sleep properly, and wake up at the right time

The day of the test is also going to be a huge variable so try to control that variable as much as possible.

Well, there you go! That’s it. Those are our top 13 tips on increasing your chances of scoring a 700 on the GMAT.
GMAT Club Bot
13 Tips to increase your chances of getting a 700+ on the GMAT!   [#permalink] 14 Nov 2019, 00:32
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13 Tips to increase your chances of getting a 700+ on the GMAT!

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