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An intro to EssaySnark's services + a discount

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An intro to EssaySnark's services + a discount  [#permalink]

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New post 27 Jun 2013, 10:11
EssaySnark is thrilled to be participating on GMAT Club! You can get an essay reviewed for free (see details) with helpful comments and feedback or ask us a question on our new GMAT Club forum. Plus, GMAT Club members qualify for a special offer: $10 off the Comprehensive Profile Review (standard price $125 - it really is comprehensive! see full product description and reviews here), available to purchase at a discount through this link only.

EssaySnark shoots straight: We tell it like it is, the good, the bad, and the … realistic. We're committed to helping you develop the best pitch possible to boost your chances of admission at schools that fit. Our honest advice and ethical feedback is designed for motivated candidates ready to put in the work and make their MBA dreams happen. Ask about our pro bono programs for military and service-based (TFA/PC) candidates. Helpful admissions articles posted every day at

About Essay Snark

EssaySnark's MBA admissions services are designed for the do-it-yourselfer. If you're ready to tackle your apps on your own but just need a little input and guidance and how-tos, EssaySnark is for you. Our prices reflect this self-service model. We're all about empowering you to get into a great MBA program based on the strengths of your profile and your personal stories and characteristics. We show you what's important and help you bring out your best for the admissions committees.

The EssaySnark Complete Essay Package

(formerly known as the Essay Optimizer Plan)
A start-to-finish process to go from cluelessness to completion! Build out a complete set of essays for your first school using our proven, simple, and (relatively) painless step-by-step methodology. Includes a bundled assortment of the Comprehensive Profile Review and targeted App Accelerators plus the Essay Decimator service for one school, all at a discounted price. Over 90% of our Complete Essay Package clients got in last year! Current price: $995.

EssaySnark App Accelerators

Targeted guidance on how to identify your strongest material over the key areas of your application. App Accelerators show you what's important and help you define and refine your best content. Prices start at $100. App Accelerators are available for:
  • Career Goals
    Goals are the most important part of the pitch for many schools. Find out what needs to go into them and how to express them, then get input from EssaySnark on your career goals statement.
  • Accomplishments & Achievements
    Every school is looking for leaders. Here's how to identify your best stories of achievement and showcase your strengths, with personal feedback from EssaySnark on your presentation.
  • Transcripts & GPA: Overcoming Bad Grades
    Learn how to position a weak college record and take action to offset a low GPA, and get advice from EssaySnark on your plans.
  • Letters of Recommendation
    Discover what the schools are looking for in references and figure out who to ask to write your recommendations, then have your strategy vetted by EssaySnark.
  • Reworking the Resume
    Your current resume is probably not optimized for your bschool applications. Get specific tips for improving it and submit your revised resume to EssaySnark for personal feedback.

The EssaySnark Countdown

Get a three-month project plan for managing your application tasks and a weekly to-do list email to focus on the priorities. Includes a free membership on the EssaySnark blahg with access to premium content and advice for getting in. Current price: $24.95.

Our most popular service: The Comprehensive Profile Review

Submit the specifics of your background, goals, and schools of interest, and get back an incredibly detailed write-up covering all the aspects of your profile and your chances for success at the top schools. No other service like it! The Comprehensive Profile Review will help you lay out the foundation for your entire MBA application strategy. Currently $125 - but you qualify for a special discount since you're here on GMAT Club! See link below.

The Essay Decimator

is where the rubber meets the road. Have you written your MBA admissions essays? Do you know if they're good enough? Let EssaySnark tell you – before you submit! This is the most critical service we offer – everything else leads up to and is in support of the essays. Most people don't write MBA essays for a living. How do you know if you're communicating what you should be to the adcom? EssaySnark will show you where you're off, and suggest solutions for how to fix it. Includes a two-stage and very thorough essay review process. This is the mandatory step before submission. Essay Decimator prices start at $595.

Free Feedback on Essays!

If you want to get feedback on an MBA application essay FOR FREE - really truly no strings attached, you get all of our snarky wisdom to advise you on whether your essay is GOOD TO GO or needs to go BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD - check out the invitation from souvik101990 with instructions for how to submit yours for consideration!

Save $10 off the Comprehensive Profile Review (see full product description here), available to purchase with the discount through this link only. Image

Free Essay Evaluation Details Here
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Re: An intro to EssaySnark's services + a discount  [#permalink]

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New post 26 Jan 2019, 20:06
I just wanted to reply to say how happen I was with the comprehensive review.

I want to say thank you to EssaySnark. They provided an comprehensive profile review that really helped me get focused. Being a very nontraditional MBA candidate that is currently in the military, I didn’t really have a clue about how to articulate my goals in a way that would be appreciated by a university like HBS or Booth. I thought it might be beneficial to base some of my goals on the strengths of the school. For example, Booth is known for their finance and quantitative coursework.... maybe I should highlight how I am somewhat interested in learning about finance...

EssaySnark very clearly told me that is not the way to go. It made much more sense to be authentic to my true goals and to actually highlight my strengths. I am so happy I didn’t pander to what I thought the school might want to hear. Any reputable ADCOM would see right through this.

I wanted to submit numerous applications for round two. Out of nowhere, I recieved orders for a temporary duty assignment and had to drop everything. I put a hold on putting together my applications while I was overseas, but I kept EssaySnark’s advice on the back of my mind while I was away. I wrote my essays, fixed weaknesses with my resume, and thought long and hard about my goals. I basically counted out round two because I didn’t think I would have enough time to execute.

When I returned back home from my temporary assignment, I literally had a weekend before most of the due dates for the MBA programs. On a whim, I decided to apply to my top four programs. I submitted my applications to HBS, Stanford, and Booth. I also submitted an application to Harris School of Public Policy because I applied to a joint MBA/MPP program at the University of Chicago. Keep in mind, I put together all of these applications over 4 days which is not advised and pretty foolish. After submitting the applications, I thought I didn’t have a chance. After a few weeks, I received a call from Harris saying that they were happy I applied. The person that called me mentioned reading my essay and said it was “very impressive.” I still don’t have an official acceptance from Harris, but from what I understand... Harris doesn’t usually call people after you submit your application to give an impromptu interview.

Just a few days ago I find out that I was invited to interview with Booth. HBS interviews are announced in a couple days. I feel like I am on the right track.

I really owe this to EssaySnark’s feedback from the comprehensive review. I honestly do not believe my essays would have been as strong as they were without reading all of the materials on this website and without the very blunt feedback I was provided during the review. I highly recommend nontraditonal candidates to get the comprehensive review. The advice is solid, blunt, and will open your eyes to what your weaknesses and strengths are. Thank you EssaySnark!

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Re: An intro to EssaySnark's services + a discount   [#permalink] 26 Jan 2019, 20:06
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An intro to EssaySnark's services + a discount

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