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Calling all applicants - Rotman Class of 2017

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Joined: 21 Feb 2014
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Location: Canada
Schools: - Class of 2016
GMAT 1: 740 Q49 V41
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Re: Calling all applicants - Rotman Class of 2017  [#permalink]

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New post 16 Jun 2015, 19:21
EDISONP wrote:
Thanks jigglypuff. I just got an interview request from Dimitra today. Wish me luck.

good luck! Dimitra is pretty cool, i would expect a very informal interview, but then don't trust me on that. :p
Joined: 08 Sep 2015
Posts: 11
Location: India
GMAT 1: 710 Q50 V36
GPA: 4
Re: Calling all applicants - Rotman Class of 2017  [#permalink]

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New post 10 Jan 2016, 11:01
I am meaning to submit my application tomorrow within R2 deadline. But my official UG transcripts haven't reached Rotman yet. Does anybody have any idea if AdCom will consider my application in R2 or not given the situation. Please help!!! TIA!
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Joined: 27 Feb 2013
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WE: Information Technology (Computer Software)
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Re: Calling all applicants - Rotman Class of 2017  [#permalink]

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New post 24 Jan 2016, 00:32
Hi All,

At the outset, please excuse me for the extremely lengthy post. I have already posted this on a separate thread (link below), but haven't received any response. I am not sure which forum is right to get a response on this. Hence trying here. Please redirect me to elsewhere if this is not the right forum.


I am an applicant to ROTMAN for the Class of 2018. I do not have an admit yet, but I have already interviewed with ROTMAN on 14th Jan. I am expecting a decision soon. I have a few ROTMAN and Canada specific questions in my quest for locking the decision on ROTMAN and other related FAQs. I know most of the questions would make more sense once I have a final decision, but I would like to prepare for this as best as I can and hence the questions now.

Here are my questions:

- Why CANADA and Why ROTMAN: What are the reasons for choosing Canada as an MBA destination? What are the reasons for choosing ROTMAN?

- EXPENSES: The school website mentions that annual living expenses in Toronto would average in the range of $20-30K. I am preparing for $25K expenses annually, is that a fair enough estimate? I am also preparing for 6 months of buffer time after graduation to land a job (I believe 5-6 months is the average time for finding a job post graduation. Just having realistic expectations so that unexpected and unplanned expenses do not add to the stress of finding a job). So considering all of the above, the estimate comes to about $170K. Is that a safe estimate to be preparing for, or should I allow more buffer? Also, usually how long after graduation do students find a job?

- ROI and Cost Efficiency: How is the RoI and cost efficiency at ROTMAN? As in, does the post-MBA gains of an average ROTMAN MBA match the worthiness of paying $170K for the program? What is the usual repayment period? I am dependent on student loans for almost about 80% of the entire expense (tuition + personal expenses). Is it a high risk investment, to be relying on student loans for about 80% of the expense? I am really confused about this factor, and at times it freaks me out to consider that huge a debt. Are there usually a sizeable number of students who have a student debt of 80% of the total expense?

- Importance of GMAT in finding internships: I had once received a reply from someone saying that finding an internship with my GMAT score (640) would be next to IMPOSSIBLE unless I score a 3.8 or 3.9 GPA in Year 1. I would like to understand the truth behind that. Is it impossible for an Indian IT Male to land an internship with a 640 GMAT? Also, how much of a factor is GMAT in landing full-time jobs?

- Technology Industry jobs: I know ROTMAN has very strong reputation in the Finance Industry. How strong is ROTMAN's reputation in placing students in the Technology industry? What kind of roles do usually graduates land immediately after graduation in the Technology Industry? Are roles such as Business Development Manager and Strategy IT Consultant offered to ROTMAN graduates, or are the roles mostly entry level?

- Average salary in the Technology Industry: How much can ROTMAN graduates practically expect to earn after graduation in the Technology Industry? I know that the school website lists out average salaries, but averages can get seriously skewed by a few high earners. Is it fair to expect in the range of $80-90K in the Technology Industry?

- FINANCING and REPAYMENT PERIOD: Is it possible to obtain loans for 80% of the entire expense (tuition + living expenses)? Are there a sizeable number of students going for that option? How much should be the average repayment period with about 80% loan and about $85-90K salary? Is there any reference or website that I can refer that lists out average cost of living in Canada for both singles and families? I am not sure if I can manage with those figures, i.e. a $85K salary and a 80% student debt. I am not married yet, but that is around the corner. So I need to consider that as well. Anyone in a similar situation, please share your experience.

- Job market in CANADA: How is the job market in Canada currently? I understand that the Canadian economy is strong, but is it strong enough to expect a similar post-MBA role and compensation that one can expect in US or Singapore or Australia? I have also read from multiple sources that salaries in Canada are significantly lower than salaries offered in other MBA-major destinations. Is that real? Also, how feasible is it for spouses in the Technology industry to find jobs in Canada? Is Canada easy on that front? How is it working in Canada in general?

- Value of MBA in CANADA: What do Canadian employers require and value the most? A ROTMAN degree, or pre-MBA relevant work experience or a more specialised degree? If it is the last 2, how does an MBA from ROTMAN makes one competitive in the Canadian job market? I have heard that Canadian employers value specialised education more than they value an MBA. How much of a factor does this play in finding decent post-MBA roles?

- Finding jobs in CANADA post ROTMAN: Do most/all students who prefer to work in Canada post graduation usually find a job in Canada? I would love to know historical data about approximately what % of graduates annually want to find employment in Canada, but fail to do so and have to return back to their home countries? This may seem a pessimistic question to start with, but I am just preparing for all possibilities.

- INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION: What is the international recognition of the program? The question basically can also be read as what options do graduates have if they fail to find employment in Canada? Do employers outside of Canada value and recognise an MBA from ROTMAN?

- Weather: I come from India, and have worked in Singapore for 4 years. So, till date I have never experienced snowfall in my entire life. How much of a factor does the weather in Toronto play a part in student life at Toronto, especially for someone who has never experienced snow fall? Is the weather extremely harsh and unbearable, or is it not as harsh as people say? Should I be worried about weather and considering it a factor at all?

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Re: Calling all applicants - Rotman Class of 2017 &nbs [#permalink] 24 Jan 2016, 00:32

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Calling all applicants - Rotman Class of 2017

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