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Dartmouth (Tuck)

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Dartmouth (Tuck)  [#permalink]

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New post Updated on: 06 Dec 2011, 07:22
Dartmouth Tuck School of Business

Rankings (2011 GMAT Club Rankings Table)

Historical GMAT Club Applicant Threads
Popular Links

Current Applicant Thread: Fall 2012 - Calling All Dartmouth Tuck Applicants

Fall 2011 Application Instructions

Early Action Deadline: 10/12/2011 | Decision Date: 12/16/2011
November Round Deadline: 11/9/2011 | Decision Date: 2/10/2012
January Round Deadline: 1/4/2012 | Decision Date: 3/16/2012
April Round Deadline: 4/2/2012 | Decision Date: 5/11/2012
Click Here For Consortium and Financial Aid Dates

Essay 1: Why is an MBA a critical next step toward your short- and long-term career goals? Why is Tuck the best MBA program for you? (If you are applying for a joint or dual degree, please explain how the additional degree will contribute to those goals.)
Essay 2: Discuss your most meaningful leadership experience. What did you learn about your own individual strengths and weaknesses through this experience?
Essay 3: Describe a circumstance in your life in which you faced adversity, failure, or setback. What actions did you take as a result and what did you learn from this experience?
Essay 4: Tuck seeks candidates of various backgrounds who can bring new perspectives to our community. How will your unique personal history, values, and/or life experiences contribute to the culture at Tuck?

Recommendation Questions (2 recommenders)
  • How long have you known the applicant and in what context? Have you served as the applicant’s supervisor? If so, please provide approximate dates. Please comment upon the frequency and nature of your interactions with the applicant.
  • What are the applicant’s three principal strengths? Please provide an example of each.
  • In which three areas can the applicant improve? Please provide an example of each. How has the applicant worked to address these areas?
  • How does the applicant respond to constructive criticism?

Essay Analysis

GMAT Club Current Students & Alumni
Coming Soon!

Class Profile and Program Statistics
Full Time MBA Stats
Length of Program2 Years
Campus LocationHanover, NH
Average Class Size548
Average Work Experience5 Years
Average Age28
Average GMAT718
Average GPA3.5
Students with partners42%
Students with children6%
Nationalities represented35
Total Tuition Fees$110,310
Total Cost$168,100

Employment Statistics
Median Base Salary: $115,143
Top Industries: Consulting (39%), Financial Services (29%), Consumer Products (11%)
Top Locations within the country: Northeast (58%), West (15%), Midwest (10%)
Top Locations worldwide: North America (87%), Asia (8%), Europe (3%)

Number of students starting their own business: Unavailable
Top Employers of 2010
# of HiresCompany Name
14McKinsey & Co.
10Bain & Co.
10Boston Consulting Group
5Deloitte Consulting
5J.P. Morgan
5L.E.K. Consulting
4Booz & Co.
4Goldman Sachs
4Harris Williams & Co.
4Morgan Stanley
4The Parthenon Group
3General Mills

Curriculum – Notable Features

About Tuck
  • Founded in 1900 as the first graduate school of management, the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth has long been recognized among the leading business schools in the world.
  • Tuck offers only one degree—the full-time MBA. Our small scale promotes a community that values learning, collaboration, and sharing. In this environment our graduates develop the knowledge, perspective, and skills to lead organizations.
  • The residential experience is a foundation of the Tuck culture, which includes teamwork and the building of lifelong relationships. Students and partners live on or near campus, making social events and shared activities a way of life.

First-Year Project (FYP)
The First-Year Project course (FYP) is an educational experience in which teams of five Tuck students apply classroom learning to complex, real-world business challenges for clients. Under the guidance of an experienced faculty advisor, student teams learn practical consulting skills while their clients—ranging from early-stage startups to nonprofits to global industry leaders—benefit from the student’s experience and study at the leading edge of business education.

The FYP course has three objectives:
  • To learn project management skills
  • To apply the academic knowledge acquired in the first year to a real business problem
  • To tailor the curriculum to the needs and interest of each student

Research-to-Practice Seminars
Tuck's unique Research-to-Practice Seminars were designed by our faculty to advance the critical thinking skills of our graduates. As students in these small seminars discuss a professor's current research, they gain insight into the way top-level researchers go about knowledge creation. The simultaneous result is to teach students to be intellectually skeptical, to test ideas against both theory and data.

The goal of these unique learning experiences is that, throughout their careers, Tuck students will be better trained and more confident thinkers. As they are presented with theories, claims, and proposals—to enter a new market, to deploy human resources, to invest in new technology—they can make better decisions for their organizations and achieve a higher level of success.

In 2009-2010, six Research-to-Practice Seminars were offered:
  • Economics of the Credit Crisis
  • International Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Strategy in Innovation Ecosystems
  • Corporate Takeovers
  • M&A Strategy and International Expansion
  • Management of Multidisciplinary Teams

Tuck Global Consultancy
The Tuck Global Consultancy is a field-study course in which students work with companies and NGOs operating outside the United States. On-site consulting projects are carried out by small teams of students working under the supervision of advisors who have extensive consulting experience. As they learn more about consulting, Tuck students also learn how to operate effectively in new environments and cultures—a prerequisite for success in a globalized economy.

Students define their projects, travel to their assigned countries for on-site research and analysis, then deliver initial presentations of findings to their client's overseas-based senior management. After they return to the U.S., the teams complete full reports and present to U.S.-based management within four to six weeks.

Nearly 150 projects in more than 45 countries for almost 100 clients have helped Tuck students put their management skills and business expertise to the test, with remarkable success for them and their clients.

Leadership Development at Tuck
At Tuck, leadership development is a material part of the curriculum. This is a direct result of our long-standing focus on individuals, interpersonal relationships, and productive collaboration. Tuck's approach is to accelerate a process that most executives eventually experience. While an untrained manager might take 15 years—or a series of difficult situations—to become an effective leader, our students are guided through a process in less than two years. We ask students to learn faster, and we provide them a rich environment in which to do so.

Tuck has developed curricular and other activities that move the leadership-development process forward. All first-year students take the Personal Leadership course, during which they compare how they see themselves with how others see them. This can be a powerful educational experience that serves as the basis for a personal leadership plan. Students use their plans to understand which behaviors they need to develop and what opportunities they will need to do so.

Our view is that leaders must understand their own strengths and deploy them to make organizations better able to achieve strategic results. Which is why self- and team assessment continue throughout the Tuck experience, and leadership labs provide guidance in achieving development objectives. Forums offered by the Center for Leadership and visits by the world's top business leaders provide professional and personal insight of global significance. And opportunities to practice leadership skills are unlimited through academic work, programming outside the classroom, and student clubs and events.

Tuck's goal is to ensure that every Tuck graduate can accept the responsibility of leadership. And do so with confidence.

The Tuck Alumni Network
Besides yourself, the greatest asset in your job search is Tuck’s own alumni network. We're told frequently that it is notably different from other alumni networks. The close bonds that our students make with the school and their classmates become commitments that spread across generations and to our current students.

Because our alumni are in top positions—more than 70 percent have titles such as CEO, CFO, partner, managing director, or owner—their insight into companies and industries is invaluable. You can meet many of them on campus, where they offer information and mentoring, then follow up directly and personally. Once you’re at Tuck, our global alumni database is open to you. Not only will alumni return your calls and emails, but they will coach you through interviews, hand your résumé to decision makers, and seek you out when opportunities cross their desks. You’ll also be able to identify and contact alumni you haven’t met who work in industries and companies that interest you.

Connections among our alumni and with the school are for life. The school continues to be a force in their lives long after they have received their degrees. So helpful connections are not just for the first job, but for advancement and growth throughout your career. Some of the stories of connections across generations are legendary here, and we hope that yours will become one of them.

Special Interests – Many ways to shape your General Management education at Tuck
  • Finance
  • Health Care
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship and New Ventures
  • Strategy and General Management
  • Business and Society
  • International Business

Joint and Dual Degree Programs
  • MBA/MD
  • MBA/MPH - Public Health
  • MBA/PhD
  • MBA/MA - Advanced International Studies (John Hopkins University)
  • MBA/MALD – Law and Diplomacy (Fletcher School at Tufts University)
  • MBA/MELP – Environmental Law and Policy (Vermont Law School)
  • MBA/MPA – Public Administration (Harvard Kennedy School)

School & Interview Guides

Other Helpful Links and Discussions

Student Blogs

Comparison Threads

Social Media & Misc

Originally posted by Av on 26 Oct 2010, 12:02.
Last edited by rasta on 06 Dec 2011, 07:22, edited 11 times in total.
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New post 03 Dec 2010, 22:44
This is great stuff, thanks for posting!
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WE 2: Air Force Officer 11 Years
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New post 21 Jun 2011, 06:05

Tuck alumni please weigh in with your thoughts.
"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." -George Orwell
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New post 30 Nov 2012, 16:23
Thanks, buddy.
And wish everybody good luck
Joined: 25 Dec 2011
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GMAT 1: 710 Q42 V44
GPA: 3.84
WE: Marketing (Energy and Utilities)
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New post 10 Dec 2012, 07:15
Got an email informing me a decision would be sent out on Friday. Presumably that's a way of telegraphing that I got dinged? :(
GMAT Club Bot
Re: Dartmouth (Tuck)   [#permalink] 10 Dec 2012, 07:15
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Dartmouth (Tuck)

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