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EMBA vs. Full Time MBA

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Joined: 21 Jan 2010
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EMBA vs. Full Time MBA  [#permalink]

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New post 28 Jul 2010, 11:29
Hi all,

Given the application season has started, I'm trying to get as much advice and insight as I can before I make a decision to proceed. My main concern is should I go for an EMBA or a Full Time MBA. Any advice, suggestions, opinions are appreciated. here's my background:

I'm a risk manager working in a top financial services firm. I have a bachelor degree in an applied math discipline from an Ivy league college. I've already taken my GMAT twice, not well - in the high 600s. I'm currently one of the top performing risk managers in my group and will get promoted very soon (by the end of year is what I was told), so it makes very little sense for me to leave my job and pursue a full time MBA right now, BUT I would like an MBA degree. But if I pursue the full time MBA, I'd ideally want to be admitted to a top 5 program (HBS, Wharton, Stanford). But here's the dilemma, I have no plans for a career change anytime soon, BUT I can't predict the future (god forbid I get laid off in the next downturn), and my company does not require an advanced degree for promotions or senior leadership positions, although I don't see how having one would hurt. So it boils down to this, I just want to get a degree because I believe it's good leverage in the future in case something happens or I want to leave my firm. So my other options are part-time or EMBA. My company would provide full financial sponsorship for an EMBA for their top performers, and I mean very top performers. So that rules out part-time. But I'm trying to weigh the positives and negatives of an EMBA vs. full-time. Do companies even care about an EMBA? How does an EMBA measure up against a full-time? Would I get the same opportunities with an EMBA? Similar credentials (would companies downplay an EMBA in any way)? I have a fairly good chance of getting the sponsorship. This is really my long-term planning. I have no immediate need for an MBA, but I'm also not getting younger, and I've reached a point where I need to decide now. Please share your experiences and/or opinions. Thanks!

I'm also in my mid-20's
Veritas Prep Admissions Consultant
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Re: EMBA vs. Full Time MBA  [#permalink]

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New post 28 Jul 2010, 13:09
Several thoughts:

1) EMBAs at top schools (and they don't all offer them) are designed for top level executives with 10+ years work experience, so you do not appear to qualify yet for that bracket. If you did, that sounds like it would be a good option for you since you plan to keep your current job because:

2) It won't say EMBA on your resume or diploma, it will only say MBA, Wharton, or MBA Harvard, for example. The only time it would likely come into play would be if you were seeking a new job at graduation. Beyond that, you fall in the same box as every other MBA graduate and there would be no way for anyone to know you even did the executive route unless you told them.

3) If you want the MBA now, part time seems like a good fit for someone who is doing well at work and wants to keep their job. Again, not all the top programs offer a part time MBA, but just like the EMBA, your diploma and resume will not say MBA, part time program, but rather just MBA like everyone else.

Hope this helps.
Bryant Michaels
Admissions Consultant
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Re: EMBA vs. Full Time MBA   [#permalink] 28 Jul 2010, 13:09
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EMBA vs. Full Time MBA

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