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GMAT 610 to GMAT 560

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Joined: 13 Feb 2017
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GMAT 610 to GMAT 560  [#permalink]

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New post 07 Oct 2017, 21:32
I took gmat twice on 22.07.2017 and on 07.10.2017 and scored 610 (V28 Q47) and 560 (V20 Q47) respectively. Before my first exam on 22.07.2017, i had covered OG 2016 and OG verbal review 2016 along with 1st set of GMATPREP 1 questions, and my test scores were

GMATPREP Exam 3- 530 (V20 Q42)
GMATPREP Exam 4- 680 (V34 Q48)
GMATPREP Exam 5- 580 (V26 Q47)

In all my exams i faced timing problem in verbal section, in which i had to skip at least one RC, sometimes other few questions. With the understanding of timing problem, as i registered i appeared on the first gmat and scored 610 (V28 Q47). In the exam i was so cautious and slow in verbal that i had to skip last 6-8 questions. After the exam score i cancelled the score thinking if i could manage the time i would achieve my target score at least 680.

Then after a 20 day break, i started studying for my 2nd gmat. This time i focused mainly on my verbal speed and accuracy with gmatprep 2 question sets. During my study of 2 months i repeated mock tests-

GMATPREP Exam 3- 650 (V31 Q49)
GMATPREP Exam 4- 650 (V29 Q49)
GMATPREP Exam 5- 640 (V28 Q49)
GMATPREP Exam 6- 600 (V26 Q47)

After evaluating all my exams. i found i had problems with time management and RC though my SC and RC were at 35 level. However, i appeared on 2nd gmat on 07.10.2017 and scored 560 (V20 Q47), whereas i hoped that if i could manage my time i could get at least 650. I was stumped with a 560 (V20 Q47) from 610 (V28 Q47) after 2 months of preparation mainly on verbal, though i thought i improved in verbal during this period. In the 2nd gmat exam the initial questions SC and CR in my exam seemed very difficult to me and this difficulty level ate up my time and eventually dropped my score from V28 to V20. Does this happens to others?

What should i do right now to improve my score? Thanks in advance.
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GMAT 1: 620 Q44 V32
GMAT 2: 600 Q48 V25
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GMAT 610 to GMAT 560  [#permalink]

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New post 08 Oct 2017, 07:17
Having your experience myself and not being a native speaker, I studied for 7 months, appeared for the exam and got a 620 with a V32.
Thinking that I can improve to 700 and that the problem was with my verbal, I studied for another six months, sat for the exam the second time and, of course, a drop 7 points, such a shock.

By then I realized that there was something wrong with my conceptual understanding of verbal. I came back and started from the scratch again. This time with a focus on understanding the concepts first and then solving related problems.

Now, my suggestion is how much time do you have and how willing are you to reach your score? If you have time and willingness, I suggest you go back, start from the scratch, learn the concepts, start doing a lot of practice on those concepts and build on them.

In terms of Verbal, if you have less than two months, first work on your strengths SC and CR up to 40 level since those areas would help you a lot. The way it does is that it will land you on higher level RC questions and therefore, your chance of scoring higher on verbal will increase. If you have more time, 3 to 4 or even more, then start on all, perfect your SC and CR and improve your RC. First, learn to comprehend the passage reading then focus on questions types since there are only a handful of questions types on RC.

One thing that I cannot emphasize enough is that you need to practice only from official materials and supplement your learning, practice, and studies with Videos that only teach you official materials. There are a lot of those videos, especially on Verbal, taught by Ron from Manhattan GMAT.

The same problem that happened to you happened for me on Quant section. I stupidly spent 6 minutes on the first question digging a well for myself that I couldn't get out of it at all.

I believe getting a higher score is doable as long as you believe in yourself that you can get it.

Best of luck and wishes for everything.
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Re: GMAT 610 to GMAT 560  [#permalink]

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New post 08 Oct 2017, 08:48
Hi kawsar050
In my opinion, you need to work on RC for getting timing right on Verbal.
Manhattan RC book or Aristotle RC is very useful. Try to solve each RC passage within 7-8 min.
2-3 min on reading the passage and 4-5 min on the questions.
In this way u can improve the timing.
Regarding SC, study all concepts from Manhattan SC book.
You can refer to this link which gives you all detailed resources needed for Verbal. ... 33279.html

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Re: GMAT 610 to GMAT 560 &nbs [#permalink] 08 Oct 2017, 08:48
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GMAT 610 to GMAT 560

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