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HHL review

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New post 25 Dec 2019, 14:33
First thing: in short the experience wasn't great. The school seems to accept just about everyone, no selection whatsoever. The classroom material was just okay with some Profs good to great, some boring and some downright incompetent. Some quantitative courses were interesting, but not very well structured. Instead of encouraging people to learn, some Profs just tried to scare you away: “This math can be incomprehensible for some people, be warned”. And honestly that math actually was on quite primitive level. There were also absolutely useless mandatory courses in first semester that were presented as “facilitating logical thinking and intercultural communication”. I admit that I am not a fan of such courses in general (what was GMAT for?), but the way it was implemented here was just another level of absurdity.
Where the school really sucks is where it is supposed to excel at MBA level: group works, networking, interpersonal communication. They just forced us to sit together in small rooms with other 2-4 students for 6-12 hours per day “doing group work” all the time. No system in assigning those groups (I was with same people 10 times). The school seems to just use buzz words, like teamwork, international communication, to sound modern and cool.
German. Language teaching is like from first half of past century: boring homeworks, checking it in class, memorizing by heart. I was at the highest level class, so can not judge myself, but have heard that on lower levels the approach is a little more modern with actual communication in classrooms.
Location. Leipzig ‘ist arm, und not sexy’. Its only advantage is that it is poor and cheap. And 1h30 train ride from Berlin. The town is in eastern Germany with soviet mentality.
The school’s campus is hosted in the Athletics Department of Leipzig’s Uni. And German state universities are definitely not known for luxury facililites. Don’t expect air-conditioning, nice public spaces or good library. Not in Germany, even in costly private school.
The attitude of school administration from dean to secretaries is very umm... traditional german. Even if they do try to look more westernized. The moment you voice any slight dissatisfaction, you are at best ignored, at worst threatened. So don’t expect much dialogue with them.
Bottom line. Better avoid the school and stick to the ones with real education - British or American. If for one reason or another you aim at German schools, then lower your expectations. Make sure you don’t overpay them – negotiate tuition, if you have decent profile and good GMAT score – both HHL and WHU or Mannheim will gladly offer you tuition discount. Remember that state education in Germany is free for everyone (including foreigners) and is actually of better quality since there is much more competition there. You could as well just go to Leipzig Uni for same BWL program for free and actually learn German in the process.
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HHL review   [#permalink] 25 Dec 2019, 14:33

HHL review

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