Introduction and some questions... : Ph.D in Business
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Introduction and some questions...

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Introduction and some questions... [#permalink]

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New post 19 Feb 2008, 17:12
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Howdy guys, I must say I am thrilled to have stumbled across this forum, I have been looking high and low for a PhD forum, specifically a PhD in Business forum. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is academania, and I'm currently 25 years old. I graduated from a mid-tier university in Canada and right from my undergraduate years, I have always had the ambition of becoming a business professor, more specifcally a professor in Management and Organizational Behavior in part because I had great interest and passion for the subject. Currently I work for a Fortune 500 top 10 company.

Below are my basic statistics just to give you a rough idea of my background:

a) Major : Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Business Administration and Economics

b) CGPA : 3.65/4.0 (note : my school does not use a 4.0 scale, so I had to roughly convert it on my own)

c) Research Experience :
Minimal (I was given the opportunity to be a RA in my final semester, however my research work mainly constituted on scouting for relevant articles which contributed to my professor's conference paper and I have completed a number of term papers which require some form of basic research (primarily journal reviews) )

d) Teaching Experience :
Extensive (I was given the privilege of becoming a Teaching Assistant (TA) for a management course for over 5 academic semesters)

e) Math background : I have taken 2 courses business statistics only, nothing overly advanced or heavy.

f) GMAT : yet to be taken, aiming at 720 (however I feel I should hit around 680-720 , don't want to be too ambitious here :P

g) Professional experience :
I have been working for a large MNC for nearly 2 years now.

Below are some of my questions:

a) I plan to concentrate on an academic career in Organizational Theory and Behavior. To accomplish this I plan to do a Masters Degree first as my undergraduate degree did not equip me with enough quantitative and research methodology experience. I know that there are a few schools in Canada that offering MSc programs in Management, are there any schools in the US that offer a similar Masters degree program (apart from the University of Florida)

b) Does professional experience carry any weight when applying for research based programs? (Masters & PhD)

c) Given my background information, do you think it's wiser for me to straightaway consider applying for PhD instead of Masters? I have looked through a number of universities in Canada and most have mentioned that in order for an undergraduate to be admitted directly into a PhD program, he/she must have at least an A or A+ average in their final years of undergraduate study? Is this really true in all universities?

d) What are the top schools for Organiztional Behavior/Theory? I know Sauder (UBC) and Kellogg (Northwestern) are reputed for churning out high quality assistant professors in Org. Behavior/Theory, but are there other schools besides these two? (I'm quite focused on getting into these 2 schoosl, but would like to keep my options open).

The following are more generic academic/PhD questions:

a) I noticed some professsors have titles in front of their teaching interest position, for instance Dr. John Doe, Harry Newman Professor of Management, University of Athabasca. How does one get that "Harry Newman" title? Is it an award? Is it only conferred to Full fledge, tenured professors?

b) I do realize that when a phd student passes his/her comprehensive exams, he/she becomes a PhD candidate and will be given teaching assignments. Approximately how much per academic year/semester do these PhD candidates get paid teaching a class term? Are they even paid for their teaching services in the first place?

c) Are there good websites for PhD Aspirants? I'm looking for a website which will help provide some excellent resource on guidelines for those who are interested in a career in academia

Final thoughts

As you can probably tell, I am quite enthusiastic about pursuing my career in Academia. I purposely took time off from undergrad school to build some real world experience. Even whenever I get some free time right now, I still think about topics that I can use for my thesis/dissertations, I do read quite alot, and I have already started reading articles which are of some relevance to my research interests. I guess I'm doing all this so that I don't lose sight and focus on my pursuit back to academia.

Have good day!
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Re: Introduction and some questions... [#permalink]

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New post 19 Feb 2008, 19:22
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Once you do some more research (applying for programs is actually a lot of work) you will find that some of these questions are best answered on university websites. However, I have tried to provide as many answers as I can.

As for funding, the usual is somewhere in the range of 20+k/year for around 20hrs/wk TA/RA duties, this also includes tuition. There are variations of required time, but it is school specific.

The name associated with a certain professor is called an endowed chair or professorship. They are usually highly regarded positions that are established through a donation to the university or department.

I think that in general work experience is not overly helpful in gaining admissions to a research based program, but I think that the added maturity you gain through working does have it's benefits.

As for guides, use this site and the testmagic website. There are tons or resources on these sites, read as much of the material as you can, and use the search button.

On the Master's front. I did a MS (research based) before I went on to the PhD program, I would recommend it if possible, though others will have differing opinions. To me it allows you to gain exposure to graduate level courses and also allows you to look at research. From this you can establish if you like research, and if you do then you know that a PhD might be a wise choice, if not then you finish after your masters and don't need to drop out of a PhD program. I don't know what part of Canada you are in, but I think that Queen's has a pretty decent MS program. Plus there are probably some others.

Oh, in regards to schools that offer good programs, I am a Finance guy, and know nothing about your area. But, besides the two schools you mentioned I think that there are probably a number of schools that have very good programs.

Good luck.
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Re: Introduction and some questions... [#permalink]

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New post 21 Feb 2008, 16:10
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d) Organizational behavior (OB) and organizational theory (OT) are very different. Plus, OB is very broad and encompasses a lot of specific topics. OT, (in my opinion) is less broad, but just as specialized.

Look at Academy of Management Journal (OB/OT), Journal of Applied Psych (micro OB), Academy of Management Review (OB/OT), Administrative Science Quarterly (OT), Organization Science (OB/OT) for potential topics/research you like, then look at who is doing that research and what school they are at.

If you read stuff you really like, look into the school--this is the best way I think for finding a good fit. Look at the school website, read the CVs of the faculty etc.
Re: Introduction and some questions...   [#permalink] 21 Feb 2008, 16:10
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Introduction and some questions...

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