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MGMAT workshops

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MGMAT workshops  [#permalink]

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New post 23 Apr 2013, 06:41
Hi folks!

I attended an Advanced Quant Workshop by Manhattan GMAT, and I want to share some impressions and thoughts about it.

I'll try to keep it factual in Pros and Cons, I'll share my personal opinion at the end.

  • 200$: there is no other way to say this, it's not cheap.
  • The structure is Question=>Explanation, nothing more
  • In 2 hours they will cover a limit amount of topics (Patterns, Formulas, General Tips and some Algebra in my case)

  • You see how instructors solve hard questions step after step, their explanations are very clear
  • You get access to Question Banks as well as to all 6 CATs (the best after GMATPrep)
  • Books and Flash Cards will be available

Personal opinion:

if you are good at Quant, buying yet another "Foundations of Math" or similar will do you no good.
See how instructor solve a 700+question will help get into the right mindset more than any written explanation you can find.

However the big question is: "is it worth its price $$$?"

If we look at the Workshop itself the answer is NO (no way!).

If we look at the complete package,my answer is YES.

The most important thing to achive a 50+Q score is practice. If you enroll in an Advanced Workshop your bases are solid (should be) and the question banks you get will help you achive the 5X score more than any workshop or course or book. The extra things you buy with the Workshop make it worth the price, many questions updated each week as well as the CATs.

I think that only a fool could think to fix his quant score by attending a 2h course online: do not expect to learn a "quick" or "magic" method to solve questions.
If you enroll with this in your mind I'm sorry, but such magical courses don't exist. If you want to focus on your Quant the package you buy should provide you clear concepts (Flash Cards,ebooks,...) and practice (CATs, Q-banks,...) that will help you to achive that 5X on your Q Score, no doubt here.

So my main point is: if you buy this Workshop you should do it for the "Extras" you get, not for the workshop itself.

Don't get me wrong, the course was great: the explanations were clear, the instructors were fantastic and they wanted to be sure than you've understood every concept before move to the next question.
The topics covered during the course are now clear, and I think I'm able to apply them to other question as well, but those concepts could be learned in much cheaper ways!
What makes the difference is the practice you'll be able to do by buying a workshop.

What about you guys? Have you attended any MGMAT's Workshop (verbal, math, ...)?

Please share your opinion, I'd like to know your thoughts about the topic
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MGMAT workshops   [#permalink] 23 Apr 2013, 06:41
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MGMAT workshops

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