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MS in Business Analytics/Data science Programs

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MS in Business Analytics/Data science Programs  [#permalink]

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New post 22 Jun 2018, 19:54
I wanted to create this thread so we can have a list of all business analytics and data science type MS programs and their reviews. If you have attended these programs, please post your reviews in this thread.When you post your reviews, if you can address one or more of the following questions, that would be great.

These programs come in lots of shapes and sizes. Each with a different name and a slightly different area of focus. Some of them take a more coding/tech heavy approach to analytics, Some of them take a business view to analytics, Some of them have a great statistics and probability (math/quant heavy) focus. Many programs focus on one or more of these areas. They are also run by engineering schools/business schools or both,etc. So tell us what the focus was in your program.
Why you picked the program you picked.
What you liked and/or disliked about the program.
What other schools/programs did you apply to?
If you have finished your program, tell us about the career opportunities you have now or if you are halfway through the program, do let us know about any internships you are doing, and in general about your school's career guidance.
Did you get any scholarships? Did you take on a research or teaching assistant position at your school?
A little perspective about the demographics of your cohort(Some schools run this program for executives, while others prefer people with little to no work experience).
Courses you liked/Projects/summer practicums/co-op opportunities you did and liked.
Did you participate in any competitions?
What was the community like at your school?
What industries did your class end up going into?
Teaching methods at your school.
Did you share a few classes with the MBA students or the Computer engineering grad/undergrad students?
Any professor's class or research work going on that you would like to talk about.
Cost and duration of the program.
Any other miscellaneous information you would like to share.
Whether you would recommend the program to a friend.

Just trying to collect some qualitative data here as opposed to the facts and figures available on school websites. Many programs are also relatively new. So ironically, there just isn't a lot of concrete data about these programs. :P

So NCSU has this great interactive map of Analytics and Data science programs in the US. I can't drop the link here, because gmatclub only lets you post urls if you have more than 5 posts on the forums. But if you google "ncsu analytics programs interactive map", you get the interactive map right at the top, first result for me. If you attended any of the programs on that, please post your review. I will also include a few international schools/programs and some schools or programs that I would personally like to hear about in a list here.

List of programs/schools I would particularly like to hear about:
2)Duke MQM
3)HEC paris - ecole polytechnique joint program
4)ESCP Europe
5)CMU Tepper
7)Georgia Tech
8)MIT sloan

Please feel free to add more international universities, maybe those in Australia or others in europe, or talk about any in the list from NCSU as well. Thanks! :)
Joined: 14 Jul 2018
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Re: MS in Business Analytics/Data science Programs  [#permalink]

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New post 22 Jul 2018, 05:37
I am also looking for similar kind of information in MSc. Business analytics programme for following 3 schools -

1. Hong Kong University
2. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
3. Chinese University of Hong Kong

Also , it would be great to know the competitiveness in the above mentioned courses , for international students i.e. Expected GMAT score , Undergraduate score , Work experience etc.
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Re: MS in Business Analytics/Data science Programs   [#permalink] 22 Jul 2018, 05:37
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MS in Business Analytics/Data science Programs

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