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My MBA Journey to IIM Bangalore

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Joined: 17 Jun 2014
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My MBA Journey to IIM Bangalore  [#permalink]

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New post 02 Jun 2020, 05:54
My MBA journey started back in 2017 when I started preparing for GMAT. I will keep the read short and concise. I have been a hardcore techie ever since I have stepped out in the professional battleground. I was a BTech graduate when 2012 ended. I started my career with TCS, and then Accenture followed by a really small company in Hyderabad. I have been heavy on extracurriculars. I managed to have a Bollywood song on my name and have national-level badminton credentials.
It all started in 2018 when I made up my mind that I want to be a product manager and hence decided to give MBA a shot. I had applied to Sp Jain, IIM ABC, and ISB. I received an interview call for SpJain , IIMB and ISB(in the same order). I received an admit from SP Jain. But by that time I had not applied to IIMB and ISB. Hence I did not accept the offer(very tough decision to make at that time). I applied to IIMB R2 and ISB R3 . But I was held back by both colleges. I managed to secure a Waiting List for ISB but that did not help .
I had a word with a few of the Admission Consultants and many people on the GMATClub and many other Forums. The pool where I was coming from was extremely dense. The only option that I could secure an admit was if I could diversify my profile like working for an extremely small company ,on various domains. When I was held back in the interviews in 2018 . I left Accenture and joined a really small company where I was not only essaying Solution Architect role but was also involved in project bidding and many business fronts. This seemed to work in my favor in the next year. Also, something that I feel helped me was the pay jump that I got by switching to this company. I am saying this because this point came up in the interview and they already had a mindset that I was doing well in the field and as they say remuneration is the best form of recognition. I also worked on my people’s skills. I formed a band and did lots on extra-curricular front.
By 2019 , I started preparing for my applications again. I was caught up by the time R1 deadlines were up for all the colleges. I applied in R2 to IIM ABC. I did not go with ISB this time since my experience was just about 6.9 years. I received an interview call from all the colleges. Here’s the summary of my different interviews:
IIMA : Dec 2019
This was first on my list. As soon as I entered the room, I was asked to pick the topic for my extempore. The topic that I got was related to CSR activities. The interview lasted for around 20-30 minutes. Out of which the discussion on CSR went on for 15-20 minutes. It was not a stress interview. But none of the basic MBA questions were asked.

IIMB: Dec 2019
The first round was WAT. The topic that I got was “How do companies incorporate different cultures based on geographies”. Then I was asked to come for PI. It started with basic MBA questions to guestimate questions. I was even asked to design an App and derive its business model. There were a few General Knowledge questions but those were majorly to evaluate how a candidate responds in uncomfortable situations. There were few questions around my technical background(Since the Alum who was interviewing me had a tech background). I was fairly comfortable with all the questions. The interview spanned for about 50 min and by the time I came out, I was happy.

IIMC: Oct 2019
There was only a PI round in IIMC. As soon as I entered, I was thrown some really specific general knowledge questions like the deteriorating conditions of Banks in South Africa and a few more. They kind of caught me off guard there. But the point here is to keep your cool. The next question thrown to me was “Since you are a techie, how would you implement Swachh Bharat using a centrally digitized system and what challenges will you face”. I gave them a blueprint of the plan and got their attention to a few of the problems like infrastructure, and other things. There were a lot of questions around marketing this scheme and also how would I make it available to rural India. The whole discussion was around this case. The interview lasted for around an hour.

In the end I managed to get an Admit to IIMB and IIMC.
I was a round 2 admit. I wish I had applied in round 1, though the share is equally divided between R1 and R2, R1 admits get around 4-5 months before the MBA journey starts. This really helps in getting ready for the battle.

I would like to thank all the members in the GMATClub for helping me throughout my journey. I will be happy to help anyone i can :) .

Joined: 28 Jul 2019
Posts: 34
Re: My MBA Journey to IIM Bangalore  [#permalink]

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New post 02 Jun 2020, 21:15
Hi Vaibhav,

Congratulations! Great going! Its always great to hear success stories and IIMB makes it a whole lot sweeter..haha.

A couple of questions came to mind while reading your wonderful journey, and I hope I don't take much of your time with them.

1. What was the gmat score with which you achieved this feat? How much importance should one give to it. I agree a 750 does help a lot, but should the gmat preparation process be all consuming?
2. How did you answer these questions "How do companies incorporate different cultures based on geographies" and "design an App and derive its business model". Could you please provide a gist of it. I am curious to see the kind of thought process expected of IIMB candidates.
3. How did you build your acumen for business side of things. Is it something that you developed through your work or a lot of reading (it would help if you could mention your sources)?

Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks & Regards,
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Joined: 15 May 2020
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Re: My MBA Journey to IIM Bangalore  [#permalink]

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New post 09 Jun 2020, 20:10
Hello Everyone, I can't find any update on the admission cycle/dates for year 21-22.
Anyone here with updates?
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Re: My MBA Journey to IIM Bangalore   [#permalink] 09 Jun 2020, 20:10

My MBA Journey to IIM Bangalore

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