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My Notes : Subjunctive Mood

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My Notes : Subjunctive Mood  [#permalink]

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New post 27 Oct 2018, 10:24

What is mood?

mood refers to the speaker’s attitude or the manner of expression.


The subjunctive mood is used to express conditional or imaginary situations, meaning scenarios that are doubtful, hypothetical, or otherwise run contrary to fact.

Within this, there are two main categories for the subjunctive mood:
1. commands/suggestions (with a command verb + “that”),
2. hypotheticals/wishes (with “were”).

Category 1: Suggestions, Demands, and Necessity (With “That”)
The subjunctive mood is used to express suggestions and recommendations with the word “that”.

Format of this category:
Demand/Request/Recommend word + that + subject + subject verb
1. Verb must be plural.
2. 'Should' must not be used.
3. Verbs that come under this category: Demand, Dictate, Insist, Mandate, Propose, Recommend, Request, Stipulate, Suggest, Argue.
Note that this list is not exhausted.
4. Below verbs are not used for subjunctive. Means these will not use above format. 'That' will not be used, instead 'to verb' will be used. - advise, allow, forbid, persuade.
5. List of verbs that are either subjunctive or 'to verb': ask, beg, desire, intent, order, prefer, require, urge.
6. in subjunctive verb form only 'be' can be used in place of is, am, are.

Category 2: Hypotheticals and Wishes (With “Were”)

The subjunctive is also used to express hypotheticals, situations that are contrary to fact, and situations that are unlikely to come true. This usage employs “were,” and then sometimes “would”

External Links:

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Youtube Links:

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Simple strategy:
“Once you’ve eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

Want to improve your Score:
GMAT Ninja YouTube! Series 1| GMAT Ninja YouTube! Series 2 | How to Improve GMAT Quant from Q49 to a Perfect Q51 | Time management

My Notes:
Reading comprehension | Critical Reasoning | Absolute Phrases | Subjunctive Mood
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Re: My Notes : Subjunctive Mood  [#permalink]

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New post 28 Oct 2018, 02:30
And here are the questions in GMATCLUB pertaining to Subjunctive usage for practice... ... tag_id=214
Thanks and Regards



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Re: My Notes : Subjunctive Mood  [#permalink]

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New post 13 Nov 2019, 09:22
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Re: My Notes : Subjunctive Mood   [#permalink] 13 Nov 2019, 09:22

My Notes : Subjunctive Mood

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