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please evaluate my profile

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Joined: 24 Apr 2011
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please evaluate my profile [#permalink]

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New post 02 Jul 2011, 20:03
I am interested in working with a consultant, so I would like to get a bit of information from you, and to see what you think about my profile:

→do you have a guaranteed response return time?
Also, is it difficult to contact/get time with you during “crunch time”

→Can I continue to get as many essay edits as I feel are needed?

Profile Evaluation
Going into my Junior Year in Undergrad
School: Texas A&M, Industrial Engineering major, going to graduate in Engineering Scholars Program
(Texas A&M is ranked 7th for IE, I believe in the top 20 for engineering)
GPA: 4.0
GMAT: 740 = 97th %ile (Q – 49/ V – 41 )

Extra Curricular:

1) Ice Hockey
a. I took two years off after college to pursue my ice hockey career playing Juniors (similar to minor professional but without the pay to retain NCAA eligibility)
i. I actually received offers to play D1 but the schools were not strong academically so I decided to pursue other avenues.
ii. This was very important to me throughout my early life and made me a lot of who I am, including my qualities of determination, perseverance, and extreme work ethic.
b. I have been a member of the club ice hockey team the past 2 years which I do mainly for fun
c. I have been the team’s marketing director last year and will continue in my junior year
d. I began coaching (just the goalies, my old position) last year and I am continuing this in my junior year (but I will no longer be a player)

2) I’ve been a member of the A&M chapter of the Institute of industrial Engineers since 2nd semester freshman year
a. Next year I will be the director of membership for A&M’s IIE chapter

3) Have received numerous smaller scholarships and a big one allowing me to pay instate tuition instead of out-of state which saves me a lot (:

4) Will be studying abroad in fall 2011 in Sydney Australia

5) Members of a few other honors societies but not really involved with those

6) I have not had a job, but I will be getting a part-time job in Australia (to add to my resume and to get more involved and meet people in Australia)
a. Any suggestions what type of job would be best, if it matters?

7) I will also be getting an internship next summer (I couldn’t do it this summer because I had to get a couple classes done to graduate on time because at A&M most students take at least 4.5 years if they don’t come in with credit hours, but I am getting done in 4 because I already started late.
a. Any suggestions on the type of internship I should get would help.
b. I think consulting would be very interesting since you are always doing something new in the workplace…would a consulting intern look good since consulting is a possible focus/goal for MBA’s

8) I work out 5-6 days a week for 2 hours and invest a lot of time in effort planning out my daily meals to make sure I eat correctly to reach my goals. This is more of a hobby but I am planning on competing in fitness contests and trying to reach my goal of becoming a fitness model. Therefore, I should have a portfolio as a concrete way to show off this hobby/focus in my life. Also so they know that my extra time is not wasted, but I actually do other things on top of my other extra curricular.

9) 3 summers ago I worked at a summer goalie camp (only for one session) as an on-ice instructor and a group leader, and I worked a couple of small events teaching goalies as well. This is not great but it is something so I figured I should mention it anyway…it is some work experience

I have seen consultants recommending each applicant know exactly what he or she wants to achieve as a result of their MBA… I don’t know exactly what I want, or what I would major in, but I am very interested in an MBA. I will be honest and tell you that I don’t know exactly what I want to do (I don’t know what I want to do with my undergrad major either ! Its all really up in there air), and that its partly due to the fact that an MBA can lead to a great salary. But this definitely is not the only reason. The reason I chose my undergrad major in IE is because I am good in math/science, but I am also interested in business. Since IE is the closest engineering major to business, and, surprisingly, a lot of IE majors become managers/CEO’s later in life. Even before my freshman year, I thought it would be a great combination to get an bachelor degree in IE, and then get my MBA. Furthermore, I have always tossed the idea around of owning/starting my own business, whether it is a bar/club, hotel, or some kind of restaurant. So this led me towards a focus in entrepreneurship. Additionally I have been interested in real estate since the end of high school. I actually have spent time with my father pursuing real estate in couple of legitimate programs that teach you how to invest in real estate by yourself (so this could possibly be part of an extra-curricular activity, but it didn’t really lead to anything concrete, which might not help and could even hurt my effort)

My goal is the HBS 2+2 program, but there are a few other top 10 programs that are open to direct enrollment, but I have seen opinions that I will be accepted at those schools without work experience…. But y do they even offer direct enrollment as a possibility if that is the case?

any advice on how I should look to increase my shot at HBS 2+2 or other top programs would be great
--specifically with increasing my overall work/extra-curriculars because I have a good amount of time to work on it

→ I want my profile to be above average everywhere, so I have a legitimately STRONG chance to get accepted because I know how hard it is to get into these programs. I feel if I am above average everywhere, there is a small** chance of getting dinged.

Would it be better to start my consulting now, while it is currently about a year away from the application deadline, if I am doing a full program…Or can you advise me what to work on for extra curricular’s to bolster/make well-rounded my EC for application and then work with you when the time is closer to the deadline?

Schools I am interested in:
HBS 2+2
UT - Austin

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Expert Post
mbaMission Admissions Consultant
Joined: 10 Jun 2011
Posts: 306

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Re: please evaluate my profile [#permalink]

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New post 06 Jul 2011, 21:59
Hello tomcal36dc, thanks for your question and for all your details!

mbaMission offers packages that guarantee 2 business day response times, even in crunch periods, and unlimited rounds of edits. Feel free to check out our services and/or sign up for a free consultation via our website.

After reading your profile, here are some broad comments:

• Most of your target schools are the cream of the crop. I certainly understand your strategy of trying to be “above average” in all facets of your application, but I think it’s more important to aim to be exceptional wherever you can (in terms of ambition, vision, or results driven, etc. - doesn’t have to be in every facet) to move the needle at those programs, especially the first 3!
• For someone of your age, these programs will want to see in your experience the potential for future leadership. So, I’d ask you to call out your specific contributions along your areas of participation. Clearly, hockey is a passion and an area where you have committed considerable time and energy. Your coaching is a potentially good experience to write about. What drove that? What results have you achieved? What have you learned from coaching the goalie position? Another example: you are involved in A&M’s IIE chapter. Next year, I will be interested in the work you’ve done as Director of Membership. Is it closer to participation or impactful leadership? The more you can speak to the latter, the more you will move the needle.
• In terms of what internships/experience to add to your resume, I encourage you to follow your passion, as opposed to guessing what programs want to hear – that is far more compelling in the eyes of the admissions committees. Moreover, when you apply, it will be to your advantage to have a more specific vision of what you want to achieve than you do currently. I think what they want to see at your age is someone who has a basic idea of what they want to pursue in the future, as well as a history of setting goals/following passions and demonstrating a track record of producing results and gaining traction against those objectives. I notice a couple of times in your profile, you wrote that you considered something but nothing concrete came of it. That is certainly not insurmountable, but what lessons did you take from those experiences? How did you apply those lessons? How did they affect/change your thinking?

Specifically, regarding HBS 2+2, I don’t think you face a downside in applying b/c you can still reapply in 2 years. As I allude to above, you’re going to need to show real leadership in college and good internships. Many people who aren’t sure of the direction they want to take choose consulting because it provides exposure to different fields and functions. It’s fine for you to take this path (but don’t do it for $), but by the time you apply you will need to have a better idea of where you’d like to go.

As far as I know, no other program other than HBS takes direct admits, with or without deferrals.

I’m happy to discuss further.

Best of luck!

Brian Eng
Senior Consultant


mbaMission Insiders Guides:
Free Consultation:


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please evaluate my profile

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