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Please review my AWA

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Joined: 28 Jun 2017
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Schools: ISB '20 (A)
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Please review my AWA  [#permalink]

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New post 23 Jul 2017, 03:00
Pay-per-click web advertising is the best investment an advertiser can make. In the eighteen months since MacDowell's halved its television advertising and doubled its web advertising, its sales have grown by nearly 30% and it has opened forty more stores to keep up with demand. This is just one example of the fact that television advertising is on its way out, and smart businesses will continue to up their investment in pay-per-click ads.

The argument claims that web advertising in the best investment an advertiser can make. It supports its claim by citing an example of MacDowell's whose sales grew by 30% in the months in which is halved its television advertising and doubled its web advertising. It could be, however, that the argument manipulates facts and presents a distorted view or that the example reveals a leap of faith. Thus, the argument is ill reasoned and has many flaws.

Firstly, the argument readily assumes that reducing television advertising and increasing web advertising has led to 30% increase in the sales of MacDowell's because of which it had to open forty more stores to keep up with the demand. But this could also be reasoned that the competitors of MacDowell's shut their businesses due to some reasons, because of which the demand for MaCdowell's business increased and therefore it had to open 40 more stores which led to the increase in 30% of their sales. Hence, it could be that some other factor led to the increase in demand for MacDowell's business and web advertising did not play a major role.

Secondly, the argument states that television advertising reduced by half but it fails to mention the quality of television advertising. It could very well be that the television advertising has improved in quality over the last eighteen months. For instance, although MacDowell did twenty television advertisements earlier but none of them created an impact on the customers or failed to pass the right message to the customer, then those 20 advertisements were futile - but now it does 10 advertisements but with more focus on the message and has improvised on the quality of the advertisement then it creates a bigger impact on the customers and help increase their sales. Therefore, one can very well argue that the quality of television advertisement has led to the increase in sales for Macdowell's.

Thirdly, the argument fails to mention the business MacDowell does. It could be that the television advertisement were outdated in MacDowell's business and introducing web advertising had become necessary. In this case, not all smart businesses should invest in pay per click web ads. Moreover, the argument just compared two types of advertising. The argument fails to mention other types of marketing which can help the businesses increase their sales. Without analysing all types of marketing, one cannot say that web advertising is the best one.

In conclusion, the argument is weak because of the above mention reasons. It should analyse the different type of businesses and the marketing techniques that helps each. It should also evaluate all possible reasons which led to the increase in sales of MacDowell's. Thus, without assessing the impact of web advertisement on other types of businesses and without analysing the demand for all types of marketing, one cannot conclude that web advertisements are the best investment an advertiser can make.
Joined: 01 Feb 2015
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Re: Please review my AWA  [#permalink]

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New post 07 Aug 2017, 21:14
You covered three points.

In your first point - you were trying to convey that the demand has increased thereby 40 stores opened. Acc to you, any of these could have led to the increase in demand:
- McDowell's shutdown
(I don't think the author conveys that. In my opinion not a good reason)
- some other reasons
(what other reasons? I suggest you add some. Maybe improvement in its service? Perhaps change in policies? Mouth to mouth publicity?)

second point - good point!

Third point - you said that mcdowells business is probably outdated and therefore needs webadvertising to increase sales. However, in your first point you mentioned that the television quality may have become better (whereas here you said it became poor. I know these are used to substantiate different points. However, the whole passage together must also be logical. Don't you think?)
- the point here you are trying to convey is that if webadvertising has worked for mcdowell, this does not necessarily mean it will work for others. But the reason you took to came to this point isn't very strong I think.
The last point in third para is good (about only two types of advertising).

In your conclusion - you mentioned that you must analyze the business in order to find which marketing suits well/demand for marketing type. Well done here. Otherwise, analyzing the business is a wide scope (good that you mentioned why).

One grammatical error - in the conclusion para, 'mention' must be 'mentioned'.

If you disagree with any of the statements and have reasons, post it back here!

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Re: Please review my AWA   [#permalink] 07 Aug 2017, 21:14
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Please review my AWA

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