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Profile Evaluation Request

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Joined: 13 Sep 2016
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Profile Evaluation Request [#permalink]

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New post 30 Jan 2017, 21:24

Can you please evaluate my profile?

US Citizen, Male, Asian American
Age at matriculation- 26
GMAT- 700
Undergrad School- Community College for 2 years then UC Riverside for 2 years
Undergrad GPA- 3.8 Transfer GPA & 3.15 at a 4 Year GPA- Combined GPA is roughly 3.47
Degree- Bachelors in business administration

Work Exp - Wealth Advisor for 1.5 years at Guardian Life
I am on the Client Advisory side and function as a consultant, of sorts, working with the client-side (Stakeholders, CFOs, etc). to strategize insurance programs, business tax planning, and estate planning. This firm worked highly in a team environment.

After that I began working at AAA Insurance as a Product Management Analyst. This role married two interests of mine, data analytics and gave me the ability to work on big projects within our company. This position required a high level of team collaboration with many other business units as well as helped develop my data analytic skills. This role and this department is considered one of the more "prestigious" within the company as our projects directly effected revenue, customer retention and growth. I will have worked here for 2.5 years when I matriculate at an MBA school. Prospect for me to receive a promotion looks slim not because I am undeserving but because it takes a long time for people to get promoted (i.e. all the managers in my department were working for 4+ years before they got promoted). I have stood out among the analysts the joined at the same time as I did for my leadership and team collaboration skills.

Extra Curriculars-
I have been the Vice President of a Young Entrepreneurs non profit organization for 2 years. The objective of this group is to promote an environment for young entrepreneurs to network, incubate ideas, form partnerships and learn from experts. We are also involved in working with at-risk high school youth in helping them create and start businesses through another Young Entrepreneur Academy. My responsibility is to increase our member base and increase participation at our events. We have grown to 2,000+ members in 2 years and average 25+ members per event.

I really want to mix in my entrepreneurial desires although I work in a corporate environment. I would like to get into strategy consulting after my MBA and after that join a young, exciting start up that is poised to be a mover and shaker in the world.

I take health and wellness seriously, I eat right and consistently exercise 3 days a week and play basketball 4 days a week. Not sure if I can incorporate that in any way.

Goals with MBA:
Short Term: Management Consulting
Long Term: C-Suite Executive

Target schools: Tuck, Darden, Ross, Cornell, UNC, Emory,& CMU. If you can I would appreciate if you can give me some rating or % chance with each school.
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Vantage Point Admissions Consultant
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Joined: 19 Apr 2016
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Schools: CBS '13 (A)
Re: Profile Evaluation Request [#permalink]

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New post 31 Jan 2017, 19:40
Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your profile! It sounds like you already have a strong grasp on what sets you and your experience apart from a b-school application standpoint – particularly around teamwork and your leadership experience both at and outside of work. What I would encourage you to dig a bit deeper into are your career goals and reason(s) for pursuing an MBA. (And maybe you already have but didn’t go into that level of detail here.) That story is going to be key, particular at the more competitive schools where your GMAT/GPA are slightly below average. Consulting is a very popular post-MBA goal, and honestly, can be a bit of a cop-out for folks who don’t know what they want to do. So clearly explaining why you want to become a consultant and how it will help prepare you for your longer-term goal will be important. As for your long-term goal, I recommend getting more specific about what you see yourself doing in the start-up world and perhaps what industry, what type of company, etc. It feels a bit vague right now.

Circling back to your GMAT/GPA, a couple of thoughts. The adcom is going to be a lot more focused on your 3.15 from UC Riverside (since that’s where you graduated from) vs. your CC GPA. They may consider a blended GPA, but doubtful unless that’s what on your UC Riverside transcript. So what that means is that your GMAT score needs to work that much harder for you. Have you considered re-taking it? If you’re planning to apply later this summer, you have time. A 20-30 point improvement could make a real difference here. Another option could be to take a class or two in a quantitative subject that you didn’t do so well in during undergrad to showcase your academic aptitude. I’m happy to chat further about that if you’d like! Another reason why the GMAT matters is in recruiting. Strategy consulting firms consider GMAT scores in their hiring decisions (especially for schools with grade non-disclosure) so you want to make sure you’re setting yourself up to be competitive for those roles.

So with all that said, I really can’t quantify your chances at your list of schools (and I would be wary of anyone who says they can!) The MBA application process is not formulaic and depends on a lot of unknowns right now including the strength of your essays, letters of recommendation, etc. However, based on the information you provided, I would say you have a >0% chance at any of the schools you listed! Tuck is probably a reach, Darden, Ross and Cornell are still a stretch but less so, and Tepper and Emory are down the fairway for you. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply to those reach schools, it just means that you’ll want to hedge your bets.

I hope that was helpful! Best of luck to you! Feel free to sign up for our free consultation if you’d like to chat further!


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Re: Profile Evaluation Request   [#permalink] 31 Jan 2017, 19:40
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Profile Evaluation Request

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