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Re: Scientist: After a comprehensive study [#permalink]

First part is a premise .

Although, It starts with concluded but this is the conclusion for report

But the conclusion for argument is the second one

so we have to look for premise and Conclusion combination in amswer choices

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Re: Scientist: After a comprehensive study [#permalink]
(D) This question asks you to identify the roles played by the two bolded phrases in the argument. Because the correct answer must correctly identify the roles of both phrases, the best way to approach this question is to read through the argument completely. After that, select one of the phrases, identify its role, and then eliminate any choices that do not match. Then, do the same with the other phrase. The first phrase, “a warming of the global climate is unequivocal,” is a conclusion reached by the scientist's panel. Standing on its own, this phrase is a conclusion. However, in the context of this passage, the phrase acts as a supporting premise for a further conclusion. Having identified the role of the first phrase, now go through the choices. Choices (B) and (D) are the only choices that call the first phrase a premise, so you can eliminate choices (A), (C), and (E). Moving on to the second phrase, “preparations for global climate change begin now,” this is the argument’s conclusion. Even though it looks like a recommendation, it is, in fact, a conclusion reached by the panel about what should be done — a conclusion based on the evidence presented earlier in the passage. Looking again at the choices, you see that only choice (D) works. Choice (D) is the correct answer. Beware of the trick choice (E). Although it is correct in characterizing the second bolded phrase as a “conclusion,” it misidentifies the role of the first bolded phrase, which is a premise supporting the conclusion, not a conclusion in itself. Furthermore, the two statements are definitely related to one another, so it is inaccurate to say that the second statement is “unrelated” to the first. Choice (D) is the only choice that correctly identifies the two statements.
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Re: Scientist: After a comprehensive study [#permalink]
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Re: Scientist: After a comprehensive study [#permalink]
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