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Sentence Correction Prep Strategy

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Senior Manager
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Sentence Correction Prep Strategy  [#permalink]

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New post 04 Jul 2004, 02:47

I have started off with my preparation for GMAT and would like to ask the Gurus a few questions:

With my past experience in giving GMAT I have realised that SC and RC are my greatest weaknesses. What should be the strategy that I should follow for attacking these areas? Specifically for SC, should I be taking up each of the areas viz. "Verb tense", "Subj. Verb agreement" etc and start reading up as much as possible on them?

I had completed OG and Kaplan Verbal Workbook along with Princeton, but still I have a difficulty in answering the questions posted on the Verbal Questions forum. Even if I answer the questions correctly, I am not able to justify my answer with correct reasons and this is leading to a drop in my confidence level.

BB,Praet, Paul, Ob, SmashingGrace - I request you guys to help me get to your level - Obly, I am willing to put in required effort.

I know the prep. strategy depends on ones current level - but I am interested in knowing the strategy that you are adopting in cracking SC's.

<B>I have found a lot of advise on this site, but am not sure on the sequence of steps for improving my verbal. I am considering to take GMAT after 2 months - around Sep-Oct timeframe</B>

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New post 04 Jul 2004, 15:10
Hmm, where to start? I would say that most of the SC questions posted here are tougher than the ones you will encounter in OG, Kaplan or PR. The reason being that they have been carefully screened and selected to ensure a decent difficulty level once posted; there would be no point in posting easy problems here. Do not worry too much if you do not totally understand all SC questions because certain question quality are really dubious (ie the one with "the chinese commoner inside the heavenly palace")
First, try to spot the most common errors:
- pronoun errors
- misplaced modifiers
- parallelism
- verb tense
- subject verb agreement
- idioms
Once you mastered the above concepts, you will have to look at second order analysis. By that, I mean trying to understand what the sentence is trying to convey. Something that is often crucial in making a sentence clear is knowing when to use a participial phrase or a parenthetical element for instance. You might want to use this link to learn about those above concepts: ... participle
Some examples about when to use participial phrases are here:
There is also the problem about the "sun clock" which I don't have the link handy here.
A link to the use of parenthetical elements:
Knowing about elliptical clauses, restrictive/non-restrictive clauses is also very useful.
A link to ellipses:
A link to restrictive/non restrictive clauses: ... estrictive

This of course is for if you want to REALLY master SCs. Given that you have the gift of time, I would learn those concepts. The "second order analysis" is something I did not, to my own detriment, master in my last attempt. Do not make the same mistake and learn those above mentioned concepts.
Joined: 30 Jun 2004
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New post 06 Jul 2004, 05:15
SC is all about grammar, of course, so if you want to master it, you need to improve your grammar. I would strongly recommend picking up a grammar book like Grammar Smart, and maybe supplementing it with a college English textbook for extra practice questions.

RC, I think, is best helped by reading voraciously. Read business publications and challenging books and it will help a LOT.
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  [#permalink] 06 Jul 2004, 05:15

Sentence Correction Prep Strategy

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