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The Best Decision I Ever Made

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Joined: 05 Mar 2014
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The Best Decision I Ever Made  [#permalink]

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New post 11 Jul 2015, 08:15
After realizing that almost a whole year has gone by, I decided that I'd like to talk about the business school consulting/guidance company that really made a huge impact on me in hopes that they may be able to help others with their service in the same way that they helped me.

Preface: Was a prospective MBA candidate living in Miami, Fl with about 2 years of work experience at the time.

In 2014, around June, when I was studying for what I hoped to be my final time taking the GMAT (I took it 4 times!) I began looking at posts about the application process for certain schools that I was interested and was overwhelmed - I knew that I was going to need some sort of professional help but did not know where to begin.

I began looking around for help and actually had a couple of consultations with other companies but I did not feel satisfied. Many of these companies, while being honest, made me feel like I should wait a few more years in order to build more experience and score higher on the GMAT. This was very disheartening and because of this, I actually stopped studying and searching for help with applications.

It wasn't until I began lurking on gmatclub website forums that I ran into an ad for a digital webinar for StratusPrep with the company's founder, Shawn O'Connor. At the webinar, I was surprised at how he actually answered all of my questions and did not limit what he would answer, like the other companies did when I attended their webinars. I took this as a good sign and followed up with a consultation with Shawn himself. While being honest, he gave me such confidence about my business school prospects that I did not get from any other company. At first, I thought perhaps he was just being extra nice because he wanted my money, but there was a sincerity to our conversation that I decided to take a chance and sign up with them and it was the best thing I could have ever done.

After speaking to Shawn about my career goals (which were not very clear at the time - just knew I wanted to study media and entertainment mgmt) and schools that I was interested in, he helped me narrow down the schools that I would end up applying to. This was before I ever paid them a penny.

After signing up, Shawn selected Samantha Merton to be my adviser because she specializes in Columbia Business School (my top choice) applications. She was AMAZING! There are no words to express the gratitude that I have for her help.

She helped me build my "profile" from the ground up. Throughout the process, I actually learned a lot about myself and was able to refine my career goals. This only further helped me improve my confidence about my application. She was always open to scheduling phone calls and would respond to my emails within 24 hours (mostly a lot quicker). These advisors at StratusPrep are limited with the number of clients that they can help in order to provide a much better service to individuals so you know that they will be there for you.

Also, you meet with Shawn a few times throughout the process to go over certain things/drafts - his insight is priceless.

After a few months of prepping, I finally submitted my applications to the 3 schools (CBS, NYU, UCLA) that I chose and I really could not have been happier with how they came out. But that is not the end..

After being invited to interview with CBS, Samantha helped me prepare for it. I am not exaggerating when I say that I was so prepared and confident during the interview that it was as if I had done it many times before.

Whether I got into any of the schools of my choice or not, I knew I had given it all thanks to Samantha and Shawn's help.

A few weeks later I found out that I was accepted to my dream school, CBS, and could not be happier.

I cannot recommend StratusPrep's MBA application service enough.
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The Best Decision I Ever Made   [#permalink] 11 Jul 2015, 08:15
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The Best Decision I Ever Made

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