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Very Useful Sentence Correction Tips for the Final Test

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Very Useful Sentence Correction Tips for the Final Test  [#permalink]

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New post 28 Aug 2014, 06:38
Hello everyone,

I am currently practicing the SC questions and maintaining a list of things - which are most tested and some errors - which could be identified easily - to omit an answer choice.

These can help you swiftly identify the problems in a sentence.

There are various tricky, long underlined sentences in GMAT. Grammar knowledge is essential, but there are some tips which you should always keep in mind while solving sentence correction. As you read the sentence, don't forget to identify the following :-

We usually just start reading the whole sentence, but while you are reading identify the following -

1. Subject of the sentence, whats the subject we are talking about, sometimes subject will be at the beginning, sometimes towards the middle of the sentence, it could be located anywhere in the sentence.

2. Now of course with the Subject you will identify, whether it’s Singular or Plural. Very important to know, because that will determine what verb you need to use.

3. Remember that mostly in GMAT sentences the Subject and Verb are separated by modifiers. Identify those modifiers.

4. If Pronoun is present - "it", "they", "their", "them" in either underlined portion or non underlined portion, make sure it has a proper subject linked to it and that there are no pronoun errors. That means, no pronoun ambiguity that exists - if two singular pronouns are present and referring to two different subjects - error, etc. Look for pronouns, pronouns are easier to identify.

5. If you see word "and". Make sure two things - first, if its combined with the subject, then you are looking plural subject. Second, look for parallelism, the clauses joined by “and” should be parallel.

6. Parallelism is key - you need to look at a sentence as a whole. Parallelism errors are quite common and usually introduced with "and". Many structures need to be parallel - as many as, just as too, not only..but also, either.. or, both A and B...etc.

7. Comparison - if there is comparison present, with indicators such as - than, like, just as - Make sure you ensure the two structures compared are parallel & the items compared are alike.

8. ING - The words with “ing” - usually at the start of the sentence are the opening modifiers, they could be present as a subordinate clause as well. Make sure there is a subject for them, usually the subject should follow the modifier for noun modifier. So, if the opening modifier is indeed a noun modifier and noun being modified is not following the modifier, the sentence is incorrect. Verb modifier don’t need this touch rule.

9. Which - if which is present in the sentence, it will be a modifier for a noun. Make sure that "which" is immediately after the noun it modifies and nothing else.

10. Idioms are important - but make sure, if a particular verb has several usages, then you are just not omitting an answer choice based on a suspect usage. If the verb that only one usage - then yes, go ahead and omit that option based on unidiomatic usage.

Kudos Please, I need them too!!

KUDOS!!!, I need them too :)

Joined: 09 May 2015
Posts: 4
Location: India
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GPA: 3.5
WE: Marketing (Real Estate)
Re: Very Useful Sentence Correction Tips for the Final Test  [#permalink]

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New post 02 Jul 2018, 06:24
Indeed, Very useful!
GMAT Club Bot
Re: Very Useful Sentence Correction Tips for the Final Test &nbs [#permalink] 02 Jul 2018, 06:24
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Very Useful Sentence Correction Tips for the Final Test

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