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As someone who recently graduated from JHUs MBA program, I wanted to weigh in for anyone looking at the program. There wasn’t much info available to me when I started, so I’m hoping to help others looking at JHU as an option.

I started the program in 2017 after being accepted to two other part-time (on-site) programs: Northwestern and University of Illinois. I chose Hopkins mostly because I work in healthcare, but also for the curriculum and flexibility. I travel often for work, which would have made an on-site program challenging.

During the program, I was promoted and moved across the country twice (something I could not have done with an on-site program). I’ve flown out to attend on-campus courses at Hopkins four times and have never been disappointed.

There are unbelievably intelligent and impressive students in the MBA program and there are some duds, which is true about any MBA program - Harvard included. But the thing that impressed me most were the professors. I specialized in Healthcare Management and Marketing and my professors were amazing (especially for Marketing, which was surprising to me). They have definitely poached some winners from other top b-schools.

Given that their b-school is so new, it was definitely a leap of faith to enroll here. But I have loved my experience and people are always impressed when they hear the name Hopkins, regardless of the program of study. I definitely recommend the program to anyone looking at b-schools!

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Student body, diversity
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