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Started off well, but did have some confusion

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Fortuna is a relatively new name to the admission consulting scene. Its selling point of having a team of former admission directors on board was what got me signed up for their services.

I started off with an introductory phone call with Matt, the founder. Matt was very knowledgeable on all the top business schools, describing the characteristics of each school's admission process relative to their traditions and geographic locations.

Fortuna assigned both a senior coach and coach to assist with the application process. Overall, both coaches did a great job in helping me to map out my ideas and tailor my essays and applications. In terms of interview preparation, Julie also gave great advice on articulating my story and answers.

However, the idea of having 2 coaches at once would sometimes lead to confusion and seemingly miscommunication among the 3 of us. Therefore, it would be better if there were a clear division of responsibility and communication from the get-go.

Nonetheless, I believe being able to see through the lenses of former admission directors is what make Fortuna unique, and I would definitely recommend them.

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