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April 09 | 2017
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The MBA application process seemed daunting, but I can honestly say that a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders once I signed up with Fortuna. After my initial discussion with the founder, Matt Symonds, I was confident that I was in good hands. Matt is an absolute delight to speak with and was a motivating guide even prior to me selecting my school package. I was pretty cynical, but reflecting back on all of my conversations with Matt, Judith Hodara, and Brittany Maschal, their honest advice and input on my candidacy was pretty spot on. Fortuna has a very well-thought out process for guiding applicants through the admissions process.

Brittany Maschal was an extremely efficient and responsive coach. It was evident throughout each stage that she understood the perspective of an admissions officer and I felt confident with my applications because I trusted her expertise. I can't thank Brittany enough for her help every step of the way. Brittany alleviated a huge amount of the stress around the entire application process, from brainstorming essays all the way to deciding between schools.

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