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Vantage Point has a very strong comprehensive school package to help craft your story and think through an individual's strategic positioning (and how that should vary from school to school). Being a bit late in the GMAT and application process and wanting to submit applications in R1, Katherine was very supportive in proactively identifying areas that I could knock off early while preparing to take the GMAT (ordering transcripts, brainstorming for essays, etc.).

Katherine was incredibly helpful throughout the entire application process and, coming from a similar work background, was able to help identify my truly differentiating experiences. Katherine applied the perfect balance of pressure as well to make sure I was appropriately prepared to meet deadlines, and had thought through anything and everything for the application and interview processes. Katherine's guidance in that regard was very beneficial in maintaining clarity on the application process since I often get tied down in projects at work, so setting milestones and having reminder emails and catch-up calls along the way was definitely useful. In addition, Katherine only takes on a handful of MBA applicants each round, which you can absolutely feel in the level of engagement shown and support provided throughout the entire process.

I have heard mixed reviews from others on their experiences with MBA consultants, but I can confidently say that in hindsight I would absolutely work with Katherine and Vantage Point again, and would highly recommend her to others.

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