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May 16 | 2013
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Consultant: Alex Leventhal

I was initially referred to Alex Leventhal of by a college classmate. Even though she had been accepted at her top choice, HBS, I was skeptical of admissions consultants in general. After an introductory discussion with Alex and receiving the detailed biosheet that Alex uses as a foundation for getting to know clients, I quickly warmed to the idea of working with Alex on my applications. As time progressed it became more and more clear that this decision was the right one.

Working with Alex on everything from selecting references and writing essays to prepping for interviews really gave my application a cohesive feel. Crafting a unique story for yourself is definitely a key advantage in the admissions process and Alex really helps draw that out by getting to know you beyond just the bullet points on your resume. The admissions process for top MBA schools is so competitive that attention to small details in your application can ultimately be the deciding factor in landing at your top choice. Alex ensures that each final application product is perfectly polished to guarantee the maximum chance of success.

Even though is a one-man-shop, I always felt that Alex was easily accessible and was very thoughtful and helpful in answering my questions and providing feedback. Even when I thought essays were “good enough”, Alex pushed me that extra step to make sure that my essays were the best they possibly could be. There was never any limit on the amount of time that Alex would spend in helping me get to that next level.

Since working with Alex, I’ve recommended three friends to him and each of them got into their top choice schools (Stanford GSB, Stanford GSB, and Yale SOM) and had similar glowing things to say about his service. I’ve heard very few, if any, similarly positive experiences from friends who have worked with other admissions consultants. I’d suggest Alex to anyone who is truly serious about the MBA admissions process.

- Wharton 2014

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