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Consultant: Alex Leventhal

As a candidate with an extremely low undergrad GPA (below 2.3; yes, that’s not a typo) trying to get into a top 20 MBA program, I knew I had my work cut out for me and needed the appropriate guidance. I performed a search for an admissions consulting firm and went through almost 10 intro calls with different consultants. My intro call with Alex Leventhal ( really stood out to me because I could instantly tell that he was not looking to make another quick sale of his services and was very honest and upfront with me about my chances at my target schools and what I would need to do to maximize those chances. He made no promises but vowed to help me give it my best shot. I also appreciated the fact that I was able to speak directly to the person that was going to help me through the process – someone with a Harvard MBA and over 9 years of experience in admissions consulting that was running his own successful admissions consulting firm.

My experience working with Alex was great. He was very flexible with his schedule and was willing and able to accommodate my timeline for submitting applications. He was very responsive and always provided a time frame for when I could expect to hear back from him regarding the many questions I had or essays I submitted to him for review. He was also able to provide amazing feedback to me regarding my “story” in my applications and how I could best position myself to business schools. Through his guidance, I was able to create a much more cohesive story that really fit my background and my passions.

I would highly recommend Alex to those thinking about and looking at admissions consulting services, and plan on doing so to my friends applying this next admissions cycle. His support and guidance through the admissions process was exactly what I was looking for. I did a two school package with Alex and am extremely happy to say that out of those two top 20 business schools that I applied to, I was accepted with merit scholarship to one and waitlisted to the other with the potential of getting accepted at a later date. I was successfully able to overcome an enormous weakness in my application and Alex was a key reason for that!

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