December 23, 2013

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I remember the first time I spoke to Alex via Skype. We talked for nearly one hour (even though officially the session should have been less than 30 minutes) and I directly had the impression that Alex was interested in my success rather than just getting a new client and their cash. He is definitely not a clock-watcher. Other consultants I spoke to were more interested in getting a new client and trying to persuade to book their respective package. What is also decisive is that if you have Alex as an MBA adviser you are only consulted by him rather than some interns or junior consultants. Prepmba is a one man show so to speak.

I am from Europe and was thus also interested in European programs. Alex lived in Europe for a long time and is therefore not only pretty knowledgeable about MBA programs from the US, but also about MBA programs from Europe. I booked the 2 school package for a European and an American school. I got admission to the MBA at Oxford University and got waitlisted for a Top MBA American program. This is a fairly high success rate considering that these programs have an admission rate of presumably less than 30%, particularly when you consider that I am from an overrepresented group.

What I found notably helpful was Alex interview preparation. Alex new my profile by heart, which again underlines that he truly cares about his clients. His questions were tough, but tough preparation was necessary for my success at the MBA admission interview later. During the interview I felt pretty well prepared. No odd question could make me nervous. I did many interviews in my life, but the interview for my MBA program was the best and I owe much of this success to the MBA admission guru Alex Leventhal.

The Skype sessions I had with Alex were not only informative, but also lots of fun. Alex has fantastic humor and even though he is probably a genius and Harvard MBA grad, Alex is down-to-earth and can put himself into your shoes. In my view, Alex is a MBA admission mastermind and I can wholeheartedly recommend anyone who wants to go to an Top MBA program to talk to Alex Leventhal.

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