July 16, 2014

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When searching for an MBA admissions consultant, I looked for someone with a track record and who was honest, genuine and bold. I reached out to several services and found that they all lacked one of those qualities. Alex was different – he had the track record, he was honest and genuine, but most importantly during our initial consultation he exhibited the boldness that I was looking for. He wasn’t afraid to reach for schools that seemed unattainable given my background (mid-market IB, large private school, few extracurriculars). Although he didn’t promise any miracles, he did guarantee an application that would be better than what I could put together on my own, and he delivered!

The process was stress-free and we completed a significant number of applications in a short amount of time. Initially, I struggled with crafting essays that set me apart from my peers, but Alex helped me find my story through multiple soul searching sessions. During the drafting portion of the process, Alex helped me hone my writing to express more passion about the topics that mattered most to me. Lastly, Alex made himself available at all times, even during the holidays (important given round 2 January deadlines). Ultimately, together we produced a story that I felt was unique to me.

When interviews came around, his mock-interviews helped tremendously. He even went out of his way to create mock group interviews. The feedback he provided was invaluable and was key to my success during the actual thing!

I recommend Alex highly!

Wharton 2016

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