March 01, 2015

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I initially called a number of admissions consulting firms, and immediately Alex’s service stood out. Not only did he handle the intro call instead of a sales intermediary, but he also really took the time to get to know me. He spent 45 minutes with me in the initial consultation even though he said that he would spend 20, and that careful attention continued throughout the process. He was passionate about his service and even connected me with a former client to gain additional insight into how his process works. While many companies suggest you can get into the top schools, Alex was honest about my chances at a range of schools and helped me think through the best admissions strategy. Prep MBA is his business, and he does not have a team of junior consultants, meaning you get personalized attention at every step. He is a Harvard MBA, very articulate and funny, and will not BS you.
Working with Alex Leventhal proved to be amazing. His service was very attentive and he was almost always able to accommodate my schedule and last minute queries. He even agreed to meet with me in person several times throughout the process since we were both in Los Angeles. I did a 3 school package and got into 2 schools, including my top choice Kellogg. The time we spent thinking through my career plans, and how they connected the dots with my previous experiences was probably a huge reason why I got in.
I would recommend Alex Leventhal in a heartbeat. The two things about him that stand out the most are his creativity and his sense of essay structure and logic. He was always able to come up with a different angle or way of looking at my experiences and I was always amazed that we got the essays down to the tight word limits.
I feel strongly that Alex is uncommon as an advisor. He is sincere, hard working, super bright and often made me feel like I was his only client.

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