April 07, 2015

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When I decided that business school was the appropriate next step in my career, I decided to look for a consultant to help guide me through the admissions process. My decision to apply to business school for Fall 2015 came a little late in the game and I wanted to make sure that I had as much help and information as possible. I did some research on MBA consultants and reached out to a few. Alex Leventhal’s Prep MBA program stood out to me, as did his positive and encouraging response when I reached out. What struck me about Alex was that aside from being experienced and knowledgeable, he really seemed to care about helping me. I spoke about signing up for Prep MBA consulting courses with some friends who had recently applied and gotten into top tier business schools and they informed me that they had actually used Alex Leventhal Prep MBA and highly recommended him. They referred to him as “The Harvard MBA Grad’s Secret Weapon.” Hearing such glowing reviews from people in my friend group made me certain that Alex was the right consultant for me. After speaking with Alex for a few minutes on the phone, I really appreciated his process of getting to know clients thoroughly through his extensive questionnaire. I felt he really took the time to read my answers and listen to what I was saying. Alex’s intuition and ability to read through the lines is one of his skills that greatly impressed me as we worked through my essays. I appreciated how honest and realistic Alex’s approach to business schools was and how much insight he had. Another helpful advantage was that Alex had materials submitted from previous clients (anonymous, of course) that helped provide a good guideline of what worked in prior years. In addition, Alex was always responsive and readily available to answer any questions or return a draft to me. Through Alex’s help, I was able to secure admission into 2 of the top 7 MBA programs and I am truly convinced that I wouldn’t have been accepted if it wasn’t for his guidance and help throughout the process. I would highly recommend Alex Leventhal’s Prep MBA consulting services.

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