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July 06 | 2016
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Consultant: Alex Leventhal

After contacting several top admissions consulting firms, I found that Alex handled our introduction differently than his competitors: he was far less concerned with selling me a package, and far more concerned with getting to know my goals and me. Additionally, he never limited our conversations to a designated amount of time, rather aimed to accomplish certain objectives with each correspondence. When you hire Prep MBA, you get Alex Leventhal, never a junior consultant. This combined with his no BS approach was what ultimately sold me on his service. He was always honest with me about my shortcomings as a candidate, and helped me strategize accordingly.

Hiring an admissions consultant was a tough decision for me, but working with Alex was absolutely worth it. He tailored his service to my needs and made himself available when I needed his help. I did a two-school package, and was ecstatic to get into my first choice, Harvard. My background before applying to MBA programs was very unconventional, and the time we spent strategizing about how to present my story had a massive impact on my final application. I can say with certainty that without Alex’s help my application would have missed the mark on many things, some as simple as essay word count and career goals.

I’ve recommended Prep MBA to several people already, and will continue to do so in the future. Alex has an amazing knack for pinpointing the crucial elements of a person’s story and helping them convey those points concisely. He’s a super sharp Harvard MBA with years of experience and a passion for the service he provides.

Working with Alex gave me confidence that I had done everything in my control to achieve the outcome I wanted.

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