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Alex will get you into your target school


I got to know Alex through a colleague who Alex helped get into a top 10 school with scholarship. After calling two other admissions consulting firms, I gave Alex an intro call and his articulate communication style and interest in helping me immediately stood out. In addition, I wanted a consultant who I can trust to manage the whole process and going with Alex guaranteed that, as compared to other admissions consulting firms who pair you up with consultants that you do not interact with before payment. I was so convinced that Alex was the right choice that I immediately signed up for a 5 school package with hourly work for an additional 2 schools.
Right from the start of working together, Alex was incredibly helpful. He was very detailed in finding out about my background, motivations, leadership style, extra-curricular activities etc. We then worked together to craft a career purpose that really fits well with my aspirations. This initial phase of the process (including totally revamping my resume into one that really stands out) took multiple correspondences between me and Alex, but Alex was extremely patient and did not stop giving me advice until we have perfected every detail in my career purpose and resume. Eventually, we managed to build a holistic personal story for myself that combined my background, regional developments and personal interest.
During our essay writing, Alex’s logical train of thought and creative use of language within the word limits really helped me to build character in my essays. This was also apparent in the multimedia submissions for some schools (such as PowerPoint or videos). Alex helped me to not only tailor my career purpose essay for each school, but he also helped me to really shine in the personal expression essays. In fact, the AdCom member of my first choice school that I got into specifically mentioned how much they loved my essay!
Most importantly, I want everyone to know that signing up for Alex’s services will be an incredible experience because of his personal touch. He will always make time for you and ensure that no matter how busy your schedule, he will help you to get your submissions over the line. He is super detailed in his advice throughout the process and really makes you feel like he is as much a part of the application as yourself.
With Alex’s help, I wound up getting admitted into my dream school, Columbia. I strong recommend going to Alex and will be recommending him to several of my colleagues who are considering doing an MBA. His mentorship throughout the process helped me to create a distinctive story that was convincing and unique. I remember that Alex advised me to have more chutzpah during my interview with Columbia as I lacked confidence at times when speaking to others. With Alex as your mentor, he will give your application the chutzpah to get into the school of your dreams.

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