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Why I suggest Alex Leventhal/PrepMBA to get into top BS.


I remember in October 2016, I approached numerous consulting companies. I had initial sessions with many of them. After several conversations, I noticed that the majority of these companies does not assign those with highest scores on forums to you. Indeed, they use lower level people and they claim that the higher consultants oversee the progress. However, I wanted to directly work with an experienced person. One who owns the business not a middle man consultant who does this job on side. That’s why I chose Alex. It took me three weeks to reach this conclusion, and I think if you listen to my advice you can save your precious time.
I did two school package with, and I hourly based consultation. My background is relatively complicated. First of all, I’m an international applicant with just 40 months of full time work experience. And before starting my MBA, I was pursuing my master in science as well as working part time. I bet you may think, schools shouldn’t admit me. And to be honest, I was thinking the same.
In the first step, Alex sent me a workbook and I was supposed to answer them. The questions helped me to delve deep in myself. I came up with several events and achievement that shaped my life. This workbook helped us through the next steps.
We started with Berkeley. As you know those self-reflection essays are super hard. We tried 12 times to reach the final idea and framing. But for the second one it decreased to 3 essays. As an international student, Alex helped me a lot to come up with appropriate and inspiriting sentences and well structured essays. For the general essay “Why school X? Why MBA? Why now?”, the strategy that he developed was really helpful. It helped me to connect my ideas and experience with school’s values, and come up with several solid reasoning. Therefore, admission committee could trust on me.
I really feel shy to show my first draft of resume to anyone. It was a total disaster. I believe we went over that more than 15 times. The final version was a one page resume with precise wording and appropriate formatting. Don’t risk on your resume.
Last but not least, for interview we had three sessions. He taught me to be more likeable, something that really matter for BS. We developed numerous stories with solid answers that made me confident in front of interviewer.
I got admission form my top three choices Haas, Anderson, and Tepper. As an international applicant, I strongly suggest you choose Alex. He really cared about me. He is prominent in storytelling and writing skills. He knows what schools are looking for in their essay, what they want to hear. It’s a reasonable investment, as you will probably get into one of the top schools.

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