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Alex came highly recommended to me by several of my more senior colleagues who had found success in applying to business school. Having recently completed the MBA application process with Alex, I find it easy to see why! I really believe that working with Alex allowed me to put together the best MBA application possible. I ended up getting into HBS, which was my top choice.

One of the best parts about working with Alex is that he runs all of Prep MBA (i.e. no junior consultants). As such, he gave personal attention to each of my applications and he built a deep understanding of my unique profile and the major selling points of my application; I never felt bucketed by my industry / undergraduate education. This in-depth knowledge proved especially valuable as Alex helped me brainstorm ideas for essays and prepare for interviews. I’m sure Alex has plenty of other clients, but I never felt neglected.

Alex’s experience (HBS MBA and consultant since 2005) also proved to be very useful. Across the MBA forums, there is a lot of conflicting information on the application process and it was helpful to have someone with multiple years of real experience to cut through the BS and help you focus on what really matters. Alex has an informed view on the top business schools and he gives straightforward information on what they are looking for. Additionally, when you work with Alex, you also get the benefit of guidance based on his long history as a consultant. Alex provides extremely helpful examples from past clients that cover a wide range of scenarios to help you frame your thinking.

With that said, my favorite part about working with Alex was that he really pushed me to go the extra mile. When drafting my resume and essays there were many times when I thought, “this looks great, this has to be the final draft,” but Alex would continue to push me to improve every bullet point and every sentence. No detail was too small to avoid attention. Alex pushed me to maximize every aspect of my application - which is critical in today’s hyper-competitive MBA application process.

Alex was excellent resource throughout the entire process and I would highly recommend him to anyone I know planning to apply to an MBA program.

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