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Since my applicant pool (Male, Engineer, Indian) is a very competitive one, I knew a score of 630 wouldn't get me anywhere. I read a lot of reviews about different courses, but after watching several debriefs on Youtube, I decided to go ahead with e-gmat. I had a long call with Dhruv, their customer representative and he highlighted the fallacies in my approach to questions and the lack of a strategy/concrete study plan which is absolutely essential to ensure a good score. Post the diagnostic mock, I was quickly connected with an SME who analysed my performance and formulated a study plan for me -
Big Wins -
1. The Master comprehension course sets you up with the correct reading strategies and pause points. It may seem slightly boring at first, but this course sets the foundation for newer techniques introduced in further modules/
2. The Sentence Correction course - The meaning based approach triumphs all grammar rules - and this is emphasized by the course at every nook and corner. The answer explanations are extremely lucid and you can always contest these explanations in the "Ask an Expert" section.
3. The Last Mile Program - This was extremely beneficial for me. Post my mock performances (and overall performance in the quizzes), I was offered to be a part of this program. The program helps you in working on bulleted weaknesses such as "SC questions with modifiers". Your mentor creates a hyper-specific plan to cater to your weaknesses. This was a huge part of my preparation since I had fallen from scoring a 680 in my first attempt (GMAT at the test center) to a 610. Despite such a huge drop in my scores, I was not abandoned by my mentor and we continued to identify and iron out my weaknesses till the very end.
4. Team's support - e-gmat's team are very prompt in replying to your queries. So if you ever get stuck anywhere during your preparation (low scores on cementing quizzes, custom quizzes or mock tests) do not continue attempting more questions. Write to the team about where you are facing a problem and they will get back to you with a good solution. There will be times when you feel hopeless or lost. You can write to them during such times as well. Just make sure to be proactive and keep in touch with the team.
5. Advanced Topics and Word Problems modules in Quant - I started with a Q47 and I had consistently scored Q49/50/51 in the mocks leading to my last attempt. Despite that, I loved the Advanced topics module (esp the Arrangements with constraints) and the Word problems (the variety of profit, loss and Simple/Compound Interest questions)
6. Strategic Review of error logs - Learning from your mistakes supported by data. You will be expected to delve into the reasons why you made such mistakes. Maintaining an error log along with Strategic review does way more than attempting two extra quizzes. I learnt a lot more and gained conceptual clarity by revising and re-revising my error logs.

E-gmat is the way to go if you're unsure of what you need to do to get to your dream score. Just follow their steps, and be proactive!

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