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Well it was one fine day after two years of giving CAT, scoring 97 and 98 percentile respectively, and still not getting any interview calls I realized that it does not seem possible to do an MBA from India.

By that time I had three years of work ex and I was like –now I can target universities outside for MBA (though I really didn’t have an idea why I was doing that). So I started calling all agencies who were in this business and that’s when I met Experts’ Global. Off the bat they were very professional in their approach.

So I spoke with them and they understood my profile, questioned me on why I want to pursue MBA and what options I would like to choose and finally gave me the green light to come aboard. I paid up for both GMAT prep and Application package, however even before I could start I got a ringer from XLRI that I was waitlisted for an MBA in HR. I discussed my case with them and they told me “Fair enough! You have a legitimate case and if you get admit in XLRI we will return the money”. This was the moment, THE MOMENT that I realized that I have made a good decision by choosing Experts’ Global.

Eventually I didn’t make it to XL and started off with GMAT prep and then Applications Process.

For Admissions Consulting, I had various round of discussion with my Mentor and all the discussions matured my understanding and allowed me to deeply introspect and identify the reasons for doing and MBA, what I stand to gain from MBA education and what career course I must choose. I filled my profiling questionnaire (it’s a 32-35 question long questionnaire that will make you deeply introspect your reasons for doing an MBA, draw out leadership stories etc and will serve as a base for your essays) and shared with my Mentor. One good thing about the whole mentoring process was that they never spoon fed me what I should write in my essays to get in a B-School. My profile is aligned well for a general management / operations role however I wanted to transition to HR. They could have easily told me that if I projected my profile a certain way I would easily be able to crack in a B School but they didn’t. Through the questionnaire and discussions they allowed me to realize and understand what my strengths are and how can I justify the choices that I am planning to make for myself. In the end I did create a compelling argument about why I want to do MBA in HR.

My schools were selected keeping in mind my profile, the choice of career option and that I wanted to target scholarship friendly schools. The risk was spread between 3 Dream, 7 Realistic and 2 Safety schools. Next comes the interviews – I ended up giving around 5 mocks with different trainers and received extensive feedback before I even sat down for my first interview.


ADMITS WITH FULL SCHOLARSHIP – Wisconsin Madison, Purdue Krannert, Boston University

Admits with Partial Scholarship – Washington Olin, Rotman

Admits with No Scholarships –Marshall and ISB

Interviewed but turned the college down because decision was already made – Carroll, Foster, Emory

Rejected – Vanderbilt Owen, Pittsburg Katz

In the end I just want to tell you this – there is a difference between consulting someone to get in a B-School and mentoring someone through the entire process so that they gain that maturity, intellect and understanding. I believe I have established a relationship with Experts’ Global that goes well beyond giving tips of getting in B-School. Anyone can do that. But to grow someone so that they learn to find a path for themselves – that is what Experts Global is all about.

April 30, 2019

Hello Pradeep,

Thanks for your kind words! :)

We are very glad to learn that you had a very meaningful applications process and truly gained from our mentoring.

We wish you the very best with everything that lies ahead!

Thanks, once again.

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