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My journey from 600 to 720 to IIM B


I have had an association with Experts' even during my GMAT prep days. Before moving onto the post GMAT part let me touch upon the a little bit on my GMAT journey. I started my GMAT journey in Sep 2016 with self studies. By March 2017 I had 2 failed attempts with 620 at both. I was absolutely clue-less about what was wrong until I joined Experts' Global in April and realized that how unorganized I was. The process started with unlearning what I had learnt so far. I was given a detailed planner customized to my needs, which I followed and updated religiously. I was given a very well structured study material, which I can swear by god that I followed it word by word and in the order prescribed in the planner(very important). The practice material was given in the order of difficulty and one must strictly follow that order, I was committing that mistake during my self studies days by randomly practicing the problems. Then the 15 mock test are so good that even the sub-sectional scores of my last mock matched with my actual GMAT. Important takeaway here is doing an analysis holistically. I even developed some of my own techniques of analyzing my performances.
I was consistently hitting 49 and occasional 50 in quant but verbal was patchy with scores varying from 24 to 32. After 2 months of rigorous efforts I started getting consistent 700+ in mocks. It was the time I decided to sit again for an actual GMAT. on 17th Aug I took my GMAT again and was disappointed to see a 640. After recovering from the shock I took a mock and I got 710. Meanwhile I talked to Mayank sir and he was very supportive. He instilled the confidence in me that I have the capability and it was just an off day. I started practicing again and took GMAT again on 4th Sep, just to see a 600 on the scorecard. I was utterly disappointed and ashamed of myself and decided not even to discuss with Mayank sir. But, Mayank sir himself called me up. He was again very supportive and assured me that I have the capability, it was the exam pressure, which was playing on my head. He advised me to calm my nerves, spend some good time with my family, and do whatever which makes me feel good. I followed his advice for the next few days, packed up all my GMAT books and tried to stay away from anxieties. I started feeling confident again, and took GMAT again on 25th Sep. 720 it was with Q49 and V39. It was one precious moment I will never forget in my life. Thanks to the tremendous support from Mayank Sir and the entire Experts’ team that I achieved 720 from 600 in just 21 days.
Now, moving ahead to the application process, soon I realized that getting a good GMAT is just a beginning. As September was already gone, I had very little time to sit back and relax and it was time to start hitting the applications. I once again took help from the Experts’ Global. Their turnaround time was so quick that I was able to apply into 11 schools of my choice within a month. The applications including the essays were so good that I was shortlisted for interview in 8 out of 11 schools that I applied including NUS, NTU, ISB and HKU. Once the applications were submitted I had few intense mock interviews, which covered all aspects of my application and essays. Finally, after 2 months long process of interviews, wait for results and evaluating all the options at hand, I chose IIM B for my MBA. The programme will be commencing from 30th March and I am very thankful to the entire Experts’ team for making my dream of studying in one of the top B-schools in the world, come true.

April 25, 2019

Hello @anu8787,

Thanks for your positive feedback.

So good to see that we were able to help you make it to your dream business school. Hope you make the most of it! :)

A big congratulations!

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