March 04, 2019

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I am very pleased with how Experts’ Global conducts their MBA admission consulting. My admission team was perfectly professional, courteous, and efficient. I never had any issue contacting Experts’ Global, whenever I had any requests or concerns. My team always made sure to get back to me as soon as possible and keep me in the loop, on the progress of my applications. I found the firm to have an in-depth knowledge of the particulars of many MBA programs and their admission processes. This was of great help to me, when I was shortlisting schools to apply to, as researching factors such as, convenient geography, scholarship availability, and budget would have been quite difficult on my own. What impressed me the most was the essay writing. My writing team had a very fine understanding of the qualities of an effective MBA application essay. They understood exactly how each essay question should be answered and exactly how to incorporate the strongest content from my profile, into the essays. Most importantly, the writing team understood the value of theme building. The worked with me to pinpoint the common themes that could bring my professional history, my desire for an MBA, and my future plans together, to form a narrative that would illustrate who I was, as a person and candidate. Such themes and narratives are crucial. Without a strong narrative, admission essays, especially statements of purpose, tend to read like extensions of the resume. The narrative is what makes an essay stand out from the crowd. Another thing that I really appreciated was that Experts’ Global actually offers guidance on all portions of the admissions process. They were, of course, more than capable of doing so, as well. It was clear that my admissions team had worked with MBA aspirants of all kinds and were had experience dealing with every type of challenge imaginable. In this area too, they made sure to keep me in the loop. Experts’ Global has a lot of resources for helping its applicants understand the admissions process. Primarily, they have a series of videos that that cover topics such as, essay writing, resume writing, securing letters of recommendation etc. This is quite a unique aspect of Experts’ Global’s consultancy, not many others put this much effort into making sure that their applicants are well-informed. With Experts’ Global’s help, I was able to put together excellent applications that got me interview calls from Oxford, Tepper, ISB, Cambridge, Darden, and IESE. Furthermore, Experts’ Global’s interview prep (which I will write about at length later) helped me secure admission to three of these schools, Cambridge, Darden and ISB. I am very happy to say that I will be studying at Cambridge and I owe a great deal of thanks to Experts’ Global, for this opportunity.

April 25, 2019

Hi Sanskriti,

Big congratulations on bagging such fine admits! :)

Your journey is one that we will not forget for a very long time! The process of mentoring you was such a meaningful one and we are so happy to see that it bore fruit!

Thank you for your kind words!

All the best!

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