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Mock Tests Review for Experts Global


Mock tests are an intrinsic part of the GMAT preparation process and it is extremely important that one opts for a proper GMAT mock. In my opinion, a proper GMAT mock will qualify as one that is as closely similar as possible in test format, number of questions, type of questions, difficulty level, and scoring format to the actual GMAT test. While there are numerous options available in the market, I will suggest every GMAT aspirant to go for the Experts’ Global GMAT mock series and my reasons for preferring Experts’ GMAT mock test series are manifold:
• Number of tests – I was amazed to find that the Experts’ Global package provides 15 practice tests, a number significantly higher than what most GMAT mock series provides. Thus, I had the option to practice more extensively and master my weakness.
• The Analytics – Experts’ GMAT mock series has wonderful analytics and software. Not only was the entire learning process fun but also easy and enriching. For instance, the program provided me with a detailed analysis of my performance – time taken to solve each question and my weak areas. Further, the software also provided thorough explanation on not only how to solve the question but also the best approach to solving the question. I enjoyed the innovative features of the entire program.
• Type of Questions and Score – I can confidently say that enough effort has been invested in developing this program. The type of questions and the score largely resemble that of the GMAT’s. My mock test score was indeed a perfect assessment of my level of preparedness.
• Cost – Surprisingly, for all the elaborate features that the Experts’ GMAT mock series provides, the tests are unbelievably low priced. I am certain that making the series so much cost-effective reflects the company’s honest intent to help as many GMAT aspirants as possible.
These tests are the most comprehensive test that I have ever found. With Experts’ Global GMAT practice test, I scored a 710 on my GMAT!
I earnestly vouch for the Experts’ Global GMAT mock series as this is the best tool to practice and test your concepts.

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